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A380 delivered to two more airlines in 2010


Airbus reported Friday that it delivered its ninth and 10th A380, the world's biggest airplane, in 2010 to Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa. That brings the total number of A380s delivered to 33. 


Airbus said in a statement that this will put the company on track to deliver its target of 20 for the year.  Other carriers that have ordered Airbus A380 jumbo jets include Emirates with 11 in their fleet, Qantas with six and Air France with three.


To date the 31 A380s have logged an estimated 156,000 revenue flight hours with 17, 000 commercial flights and has flown more than six million passengers.


Other carriers like Malaysia Airlines, which has ordered 17 A380s, is still awaiting a delivery that was promised to be received by January 2007 – the new delivery date was pushed back to August 2011. 


Airbus blames the delay on some orders on company's specific demands and customizations. 

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