Southwest Airlines will not get naked. That was the response from the Dallas based carrier after being challenged by Air New Zealand to match its “body-painted” safety demonstration video that went viral on internet sites like YouTube and had many people talking in the “kiwi” country earlier this year.

The “Bare Essentials of Safety from Air New Zealand” video depicts the flight crew in nothing but painted-on uniforms. Air New Zealand requested that Southwest join them to create the world’s first airline safety musical…Southwest declined.

Although they are not interested in wearing their birthday suits to entertain the masses, Southwest has produced a “greatest hits” video in response to garner from cheap publicity. In it the rapping flight attendant even says, “We’ll keep our clothes on.”

While making the video is all in fun, it is also a way for the LUV airline to grow their social media department, which has three full-time staffers whose sole purpose is to create material to place on the internet.

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