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Air France attendant arrested after thefts
The arrest put an end to a six-month investigation


After a series of thefts from sleeping business-class travelers onboard, an Air France flight attendant was arrested.


Questioned by French police, the unidentified woman was later released under supervision, a spokesperson for a prosecutor in the Paris suburb of Bobigny said.


The arrest put an end to a six-month investigation that was opened following an incident in which passengers on a Tokyo-to-Paris reported more than $5,000 had been taken from their carry-on luggage.


The flight attendant was arrested Friday after arriving in Paris on a flight from Tokyo. Police found stolen jewelry, checks and credit card numbers in the woman’s home and bank deposit box.


The suspect faces charges on 26 separate incidents; thefts have been reported on 142 Air France flights this year according to the French newspaper, Le Figaro.


Source: msnbc

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