Have you heard of the off-season? It’s probably the single most important season to a budgeting traveler. It’s that sweet spot between September and February when tourist season is over and iconic cities are once more given back to the locals. Streets become calmer, weather becomes chillier, leaves become orange and yellow, cities become realer. Prices for hotels and hostels take a nosedive as hoteliers try to lure in visitors who aren’t put off by rainy days and long nights. Fares for flights do the same as cities vie to be put on travelers’ itineraries. For trekkers like us, this is the best news we’ve gotten all year.

Start packing your bags, folks, 2016 has some doable fall vacations that are the things of dreams: From Singapore’s surprising greenery to Paris’s classically chic charms… And all at actually affordable prices — score!


Once denounced as a necessary stopover on the way to more exciting destinations, Singapore has proven itself to be much more than a flyover island. For people who love London’s blend of modern with the ancient, Singapore is a rising star of all things modern and… Green? That’s right. The country aims to be a “City in a Garden” and puts their investments where their mouth is: intrepid trekkers can catch a city bus to nearby jungles, hop on a ferry to cycle their way around sleepy island paradises, or stay in the city and relax in the many green gardens and installments scattered about. Those interested in chic hostels and kooky cuisine are in for a treat, as those things run rampant in Southeast Asia’s newest it destination.


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If you’re a fan of grunge, coffee, literature, and rainy strolls — Seattle is the ultimate place to be. Just a day in the city and you can instantly understand just what about this place in the Pacific Northwest could inspire an entire generation of music creators and listeners. And, honestly, fall is the perfect time to visit. Bring an umbrella and a desire to amble on the half-crowded streets, popping in and out of the thousands of microbreweries, coffee houses, and bookstores, elbowing your way through Pike’s Place market, taking a morning walk around Greenlake, enjoying a night of craft cocktails in Capitol Hill, and touring the expansive University of Washington campus. Cross name brand tech chops with a grungy arts scene and there you’ll find Seattle.

New Zealand

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Though the two-island country is bigger than the United Kingdom, it has only one fourteenth of its population. Resting at a comfortably small 4.6 million resident count, what New Zealand lacks in people, it makes up for in landscapes, food, culture, and adventuring opportunities. Uncrowded, green, friendly, and always up for an adventure, the country is a perfect respite from the autumnal chill — it’s going into spring in the southern hemisphere! Soak up the sun on the laid-back shores, explore the sprawling miles of undeveloped backcountry, or enjoy the burgeoning food scene with local chefs creating fusions inspired by the country’s South Pacific digs.


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Good thing you’ll be saving on your airfare and accommodations — because you’ll want to blow your extra cash on all the luxury options in the Big D (yup, that’s what locals call Dallas). From high-end shopping malls to top notch dining options, Dallas lives up to the Texan folklore that “everything is bigger” there. There are more shopping venues in Dallas than anywhere in the US and extravagant cars of people opting for the city’s fancy dining scene line the streets. So what if you’re not looking to splurge? You’re in luck — insightful and quirky museums crowd the city and the recent expansion of a 68-acre Arts District only add to the interesting nature of the town: One set in extravagance and down-to-earth Texan hospitality.


Bundle up for fall in Paris — a city that cannot be erased from the minds of anyone who’s ever visited (or has dreamt of it). Stunning architectural marvels like the steely confidence of the Eiffel Tower, the luxurious buildings that guide shoppers down the Champs-Élysées, the gothic icon that is the Notre Dame, even the anonymous side streets that beckon curious travelers to discover the mystery of Paris. Don a beret and grab your warmest scarf to tour the fabled streets of Montmartre, people watch from a warm café chair, read in the tranquility of the Palais-Royal Gardens… When you’re in Paris, the world is truly your oyster (or maybe your escargot).


With a generally temperate and colorful fall, this is the best time to visit the melting pot of a city. Torontonians have an incredibly interesting makeup — about half of the city’s residents were born outside of Canada! With over 150 languages spoken in the city limits, residents pride themselves on the collective convivial atmosphere of the city. The metropolis has a distinctly cosmopolitan vibe, a vibrant nightlife and music scene, a slew of high-end restaurants, and plenty of markets and green space that brings a small town feel to the bustling city.

Are you dreaming of a fall vacation? Let us know which place you most want to visit this autumn!

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