This blog post was updated on September 22, 2014.

Future AirSpace Lounge Space, IMG Cred: USA Today

AirSpace Lounge

AirSpace Lounge is a start-up company that will disclose the details of its first lounge Tuesday, which will open in May at the Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI).

The company plans to open 40 lounges (loaded with perks) across the U.S. Their main selling point will be they are going to affordable.

AirSpace Lounge will have rates that range from $17.50 to $45. According to the report by USA Today, the more crowded the lounge, the higher the entrance fee will be to sway people from entering and keep those inside happy.

As for the aforementioned perks, they’ll be Wi-Fi, ports for mobile devices.  Free food will be provided during lunch and dinner.

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