Aeromexico will invest $1.3 billion in new aircraft (Image: Wikimedia)
Aeromexico will invest $1.3 billion in new aircraft

Aeromexico recently announced plans to bulk up its fleet by investing $1.3 billion to purchase 20 new aircraft. In a press release the airline said the funds would come from a mix of fresh capital, reinvested earnings, and internal resources.

Part of the capital will come from an initial public offering on the Mexican Stock Market. The company made public its intent to file for an IPO last week.

The new aircraft (10 Embraer 190s and 10 next generation Boeing 737s) will allow the airline to expand its service both domestically and internationally.

New domestic routes will be unveiled to Huatulco, Colima, and Tepic while existing international flights to Miami and San Antonio will see an increase in frequency.

Throughout the year, Aeromexico will also add service to Caracas, Guatemala, Panama, Fresno, and Sacramento.


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