Did You Make Eye Contact with a Beauty in the Baggage Claim?


Remember that potential soul mate you made eye contact with or had a brief conversation with on the plane, but you never connected and the love of your life just vanished in the baggage claim?

OK, there are a lot of hopeless romantics out there, and a new website, WeMetOnAPlane.com, strives to inject some hope into this type of,or similar, encounters.

Will Scully-Power, a 31-year-old Australian entrepreneur who says he met his girlfriend on a plane last year, created the site.

The person you are trying to re-connect or connect with doesn’t have to be a love-interest, of course.

Perhaps you struck up an interesting conversation about an investment tip or job opportunity and just want to continue the dialogue.

So to use We Met On A Plane you can search the site using your flight information (save those e-ticket confirmations), post an anecdote on the site about the experience, share it on Facebook and/or Twitter, and sign up to receive email alerts when anyone (perhaps the person you are searching for) comments on your story.

“Our advanced search algorithm will display search results of all stories from that specific flight that have been shared by other passengers,” the site says. “Recognize a story? Simply post a reply to their story and they will be emailed immediately.”

Of course, the site’s challenge is to grow to increase chances of connecting – if the other party has any desire to.

But, Scully-Power holds out hope for all that, citing a statistic that 4,400 people per month search Google for “met on plane.”

Keep hope alive.

Surely, travel is getting more social and We Met On A Plane is a part of it all.

Malaysian Airlines already has a limited program to enable passengers to select seatmates on flights using Facebook, and KLM is in the midst of developing a similar program.

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