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A Guide to Using Your Smartphone Abroad,  flickr: philcampbell

Showing Off Your Brand New Smartphone When Traveling

So it’s a new year, a new you and you’ve most likely got a new cell phone. If you’re jetting off now or in the future, here are three great ways to improve the way you use your trusty smartphone next time you travel.

At the Airport: If you’re flying with British Airways, download their great new app and use your phone as a digital boarding pass. Connect to Wi-Fi at the airport and kill time online. Tackle business emails or make smartphone skype calls to family. Check for delays or find out some extra information about the destination you’re just a cheap flight away from. Check for cheap flights with popular CheaOair App.

In-Flight: Most smartphones have an in-flight safety mode, so you won’t need to turn your cell phone off for the entirety of your journey. Invest in some new music or download some movies incase you can’t find something decent on your in-flight entertainment screen.

Roaming: Call your network before you travel and see if you can establish a travel package. If not, don’t forget to turn the roaming on your smartphone off before you land to avoid expensive data packages. Make use of free hotel Wi-Fi or head straight to Starbucks and check your emails. Alternatively you could take flights to Finland where access to broadband internet was made a legal right last year. Download subway maps or use your 3G GPS to help navigate your way round the world’s big cities.

So why not start planning your next trip away? You’ll find great air tickets without the sky-high prices, so wherever you’re traveling, be sure to make the most of your trusty smartphone for a vacation without the headache.

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