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A Guide to Portland’s Coffee Culture, Flickr: rickchung

Have a Sip at Stumptown!


Is there something about the West Coast and their love for coffee? We all know Starbucks started in nearby Seattle, but the coffee culture goes beyond to Portland. Perhaps a warm cup of joe keeps Portlanders warm during the cool winters, or maybe they need extra fuel to enjoy the day. Whatever the reason is, let it be known that when in Portland, give in to the (coffee) beans.

Coava Coffee: Isn’t it overwhelming to get a cup of coffee these days? Those poor baristas having to remember to get someone’s Mocha Frappuccino Light with Soy Milk, Extra Foam and Caramel Syrup with an espresso shot. Coava Coffee in Portland brings it back to the good ole’ days where coffee is just coffee. With a passion for the brew, they only offer single origin coffee from a specific area. There are no blends or crazy options, just pure coffee. This high quality product is enjoyed by locals who love the spacious shop, simple menu and a love for coffee.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters:
If you haven’t heard of Stumptown Coffee Roasters, you’ve been living under a rock. The chain store originating in Portland probably started this coffee revolution. With branches in Seattle and New York (the coffee capital of the East), they clearly are doing well. They even traveled international waters for a popup location in Amsterdam. No matter where you enjoy Stumptown Coffee, most agree that they are knowledgeable in their craft and have an appreciation for it.

Barista: Besides investing in a good quality bean, it truly is the job of the Barista to serve up the perfect cup of coffee. Perhaps this is why the folks at Barista chose the name accordingly. This trendy spot is typically Portland- with regulars filling up in the morning. This is the place where everyone can enjoy coffee the way they like it- either au naturale, or with flavorings. If you visit Barista, you’ll be sure to turn into a coffee snob; looking for the fragrant notes in your coffee and expecting nothing less of perfection.

Extracto Coffeehouse:
When a franchise brews their own blend that they roast themselves, you know they take the coffee culture seriously. Extracto Coffeehouse is that place where you’ll get a homemade blend without overpaying.  You even get free refills if you enjoy your coffee to stay. This is a perfect place for freelancers and/or telecommuting workers who want to enjoy good coffee and using the free Wi-Fi.

The Accidental Cafe By Trailhead Coffee Roasters: This spot is one of the latest to join the coffee scene in Portland. With a cute name like this, how can you not want to drop by at The Accidental Cafe by Trailhead Coffee Roasters. They are environmentally friendly, using energy efficient technology. They also donate profits to women farmers to improve the quality of life for coffee communities abroad. They even support women in Africa with microloan programs. If you thought the kindness ended there, they also give back to Portland at local events; serving their delicious coffee. And speaking of the coffee itself: rich and flavorful. If you can’t make it to their location, they deliver (by cargo bike) – what more can you ask for?

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