A Guide to Paris for 20-Somethings. Photo credit: Anirudh Koul
Face it: With;cheap flights to Paris available all year round, it makes it a great excuse to visit this cosmopolitan city. 20-something may be hesitant to visit, since it can be an expensive city, or perhaps they are misguided and think it’s only for lovers. Oui, this may be true, but with the right tips, Paris is a 20-something paradise.

Do: Les Passages Couverts
Being a 20-something is a pivotal time when you're evolving from a teenager into an adult. Being in this in between sort of place is a multifaceted experience, kind of like Les Passages Couverts. Is it a shopping area? Perhaps a museum? Or an iconic landmark? It truly has blossomed into all of the above.  These hidden passages was once an 18th century labyrinth that were abandoned and then recreated into a fabulous courtyard and shopping area.  You can find eclectic shops, inspiring architecture and Instagram-worthy shots.

Drink: Have a drink at Hotel Ritz Paris
We’ve all been there- spending our early 20’s enjoying Jager bombs and tequila shots until we woke up the next morning and vowed never to do it again. When in Paris, be classy, not trashy and get dolled up for a night at the Ritz. The Hotel Ritz Paris is home to Bar Hemingway, indeed named for the famous author. While you can get timeless drinks like a Martini or a Tom Collins, if you’re brave enough (and have the Euros for it), order a Ritz Sidecar. This is one of the most expensive drinks in the world at a shocking 1,350 Euros. Note: The bar is currently closed for restoration and will reopen in 2014, so plan accordingly. 

Eat: Escargots de Bourgogne
Are you a brave 20-something? Sure, you went to Las Vegas and took part in eating a crazy amount of burgers for a free meal, or maybe you ate the world’s spiciest vindaloo in Bolivia, but dare you dine like the French? Escargots are the French word for Snails. While they may sound strange to eat, they are an absolute delicacy. They are cooked and served with sautéed garlic, butter and chopped parsley. This is truly a gastronomic experience you cannot miss. 

See: Sacre Coeur
Take a trip off the beaten path after seeing the Eiffel Tower and look for Sacre Coeur. Located in the Montmarte district, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a picturesque spot where you can get lovely views of Paris. This artsy area is a breath of fresh air from the crowds and touristy parts of Paris. The Romanesque-Byzantine architectural style will truly make you appreciate this memorable trip to Paris.
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Photo credit: Anirudh Kour

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