A "Green Honeymoon"? Why Costa Rica May Be a Zen Retreat for Newlyweds

Costa Rica


I remember when one of my friends decided to celebrate their post nuptials in Costa Rica, and thinking, “what a terrific idea.” When one thinks of honeymoon destinations, typically Tahiti, Hawaii or the Caribbean spring to mind. But here are reasons why newlyweds should consider a Costa Rica vacation for their honeymoon:

A “Green” Vacation: If you’re really into environmentally-conscious choices, Costa Rica is a good choice because of its green initiatives, thanks to the Certificate for Sustainable Tourism program. This is a program that allows couples to consult the government’s rating system to ensure that the hotels, tour companies, car rental companies and restaurants they choose are “sustainable.”

Romantic Beaches: There are several beaches of various types in Costa Rica from Manuel Antonio to the more “raw” Corcovado. If you want to escape the ritzier, commercialized beaches in favor of something more natural, there are some excellent choices in Costa Rica.

Photo Ops: The natural beauty of the landscape offers an ideal backdrop for photography, whether you’re going to spectacular coral reefs or journeying through the jungle. These are what photos and memories are made of!

Outdoor Adventures: From zip lining to scuba diving, Costa Rica gives couples chances to really explore the outdoors…and if you journey to another destination, you definitely want to take advantage of the beauty that country offers. The keyword to remember in Costa Rica is “variety:” chances are you’re not going to be hard-pressed to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Easy Access: With direct flights to San Jose, there are now not too many excuses not to visit this gem of a South American country. Plus, with airfares becoming competitive, you can snag a relatively good deal for transport and lodging costs combined. What’s not to love?


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