"Grass-Fed Cheese from De Kaaskamer in Amsterdam," CC Flickr photo credit: cheeseslave
Ahhh the power of cheese!


We’re not being cheesy when we say The Netherlands is one of the cheese capitals of Europe. From Gouda to Edam and everything in between, you’re guaranteed to enjoy some kind of Dutch kaas (cheese). Luckily, the capital city of Amsterdam is centralized near plenty of outlets to get your fix.


Cheese-heads arriving on flights to Amsterdam should be sure to check out:


De Kaaskamer: The name of this cheese shop translates to the cheese room, which is located in the trendy Jordaan district. Hundreds of cheese choices surround you; almost every square inch of the store is filled with cheese. This shop has high regard from travel guidebooks and locals. Looking for a new taste? Try the cumin cheese, made of young Gouda and herbed cumin for a refreshing taste.


De Kaasspecialist: We get it! You like cheese, can’t get enough of it. A visit to the cheese specialist is bound to introduce you to new choices. Luckily, if you travel outside of Amsterdam, you can visit its other remote locations in other cities in The Netherlands. What's nice about this store is the variety of options for purchasing cheese. Whether you need a few slices, a party platter or as a gift, the service and presentation is simply excellent.


Alkmaar Cheese Market: Located very nearby Amsterdam is the town of Alkmaar, where Friday’s in the summertime means a special cheese market is around. You can observe a reenactment of giant wheels of cheese carried around. They are placed in the middle of the square for buyers and sellers to negotiate. Enjoy this tradition that has been happening for decades, especially with the atmosphere of an old medieval town with drawbridges and gondolas surround you.


Edam Cheese Market: Similar to the previous Edam market is the home of a just as famous cheese type of the same name. Built in 1778, this traditional market opens from July-August on Wednesday mornings. If you're sick of cheese (who would be?), you can also find delicious chocolate desserts in the market square.


Albert Heijn: The simplest way to find delicious cheese on a budget is to sample the cheese selection at the local supermarket. Known all over the country, Albert Heijn has a fine selection of cheese; don’t be shy to ask for a free sample, they encourage it. This is perfect for the traveler on the run who can grab a fresh loaf of bread, cheese and olives before getting on the road again for yet another journey.


CC Flickr photo credit: cheeseslave

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