Will You Go For The Heineken Experience?


Many can wonder if it is the massive consumption of cheese or beer which makes the Dutch so tall. They are beer drinkers that consider Heineken the regular choice for an easy evening. Though their neighbors Belgium and Germany are known for superb beers, the Dutch are quite proud of having some top quality choices that will be the start of becoming a beer lover. One of the best ways to enjoy some fine beer is to simply be with the locals in the bars, pubs or patios!The perfect thing to do once you’ve landed from your flight to Amsterdam.

Café ‘t Arendsnest:
Start with visiting a biercafe; a beer cafe that only serves Dutch beer! If you happen to be visiting Amsterdam, right now there are around 350 different beers!  250 seasonal beers such as Bokbier are brewed in different parts of the Netherlands. Expect friendly bartenders with a large knowledge of beer, large crowds and a lot of fun. Make sure to enjoy a late night snack to cure your hangover the next day!

The Heineken Experience:
Don’t think you are foolish for being a typical tourist and going on the Heineken Experience. It is a must to experience the smell, taste and making of the most famous Dutch beer. The brewery itself dates back to 1867 but opened to the public in 1991. It is also a historical landmark on the European Route of Industrial Heritage; making it a poignant place to visit and have a refreshing beer.
Café Hoppe: One of the best squares to find yourself surrounded by locals is by Spui; a massive intersection surrounded by bars with large patios. On a nice day, the Dutch sit out enjoying the pleasant weather and enjoying a beer or two. Founded in 1670 and one of the oldest bars in Amsterdam, Café Hoppe is one of the best places to enjoy a day in Amsterdam. What makes this bar so popular that “Newsweek” called it one of the 10 best beer bars in the world? Well, they stick to tradition: No music, beer comes from tap in the wall and great service over the decades.
Beer Temple: It’s always fun to mingle with the locals, but it is always fun to be amongst your own while on vacation. The first American Beer Bar in Europe calls home to Amsterdam; where American beer culture takes over. Choose between Dutch beers and 60 American beers; giving locals a taste of the American experience. Look out for their event calendar for special beer nights and tasting parties; a perfect excuse for getting out and having a beer!
Café Belgique: Even if the Dutch enjoy their variety of beer, anyone can appreciate the assortment of Belgian beer available at Café Belgique. Whether it is the nostalgic brass taps or old beer signs that get you inside, it is built in the traditional style of a beer pub. With its location in the heart of Amsterdam; close to Central Station, it is right in the middle of the action.

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