1. There’s Absolutely Nothing to Do

2. It’s Pretty Ugly

Salto del tequendama cc: Yonatan Moran

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Así o más enamorado?😍🌴 @braybraywoowoo welcome to #travelgrafia

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3. Nobody Stops and Smells the Roses

Guatape, Colombia cc: Unknown

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4. The Food Sucks

La pizza sale con todo. 🍕

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5. The Coffee is Even Worse

From mountains to mouth, the best coffee comes from Colombia. #GreatnessIsBrewing

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The best mornings start with the best coffee. #DrinkColombian (Photo credit: @rekul_)

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6. Colombians Have the Worst Sense of Fashion

¡Hay nuevo post en el blog! Especial de denim con bordados y ¡viene con concurso! Link directo en mi Bio!!👖💐

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7. It’s Super Dangerous

Viva Colombia! #cartagena #colombia #travelgram #travel #momimfine

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8. There’s No Culture

La #FiestaDeBogotá es la fiesta mejor para todos.

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9. It’s Just the Worst. Trust Us.

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