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We know that jetting off to Tokyo is probably somewhere on your bucket list — but it’s called a bucket list for a reason. AKA it’s full of stuff that takes a bit of commitment to actually do. So for those of you commitment-phobes who also want to take pretty pictures of cherry blossoms in bloom, here are eight spots around the United States that offer just as picturesque views as Tokyo does!

Seattle, Washington

If you want to check out some seriously Insta-worthy vistas, head over to the University of Washington campus in Seattle. Cherry blossom trees line the cobblestoned pathways, making trips to classes more than bearable.

Brooklyn, New York

The Brooklyn Botanical Garden has a page on its website that is updated every weekday, ready to alert keen flower fiends with information about when the flowers are set to bloom. Though they typically bloom in early April, the unnaturally chilly temperatures as of late might push back the bloom dates a little bit.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia puts on an annual cherry blossom festival in early April. For a week straight, the festival plans events like parades, stargazing, and a 10k race! You can also attend lectures and classes to learn more about the Japanese culture.

San Francisco, California

The Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual event in San Francisco that spans across two weekends in mid-April. Meant to celebrate Japanese heritage in Northern California, the festival welcomes over 200,000 visitors every year with a parade, cultural programs, food booths, and more!

Washington, DC

Perhaps the most famous cherry blossom sites in the United States, the brief period of blooming flowers turns the whole city pink and makes for spectacular photos! For an entire month starting mid-March, the National Park Service in the city throws a series of events — like an opening ceremony, a kite festival, and a fireworks display — to celebrate the bloom.

Macon, Georgia

Macon throws an annual International Cherry Blossom Festival from late March to early April. Festival-goers are encouraged to wear pink as they tour the town and attend the festival’s many free concerts, carnival rides, and food stalls. See the event page for more details about the free event — don’t forget to wear pink!

New York City, New York

Did you know Central Park has cherry blossoms? Well they do and you should make it a point to see them in the sprawling urban park. From mid to late April through May, there are two species of cherry blossom trees in the park that will delight the unexpecting voyager. There are plenty of places around the park where you can stumble upon the pink blooms, so get ready!

Boston, Massachusetts

A stroll alongside Boston‘s Charles River in mid April through May will prove to be a worth experience — not only can you enjoy the riverside walk, you’ll also be accompanied by bright pink cherry blossom blooms.

Are there any spectacular spots that we missed? Let us know in the comments and we’ll get ready to jet off to see some flowers!

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