Whatever the weather and whenever the season, your wedding should go exactly the way you’ve always wished. For some couples, winter is the best time of year to tie the knot. Indeed, the colder months of the year offer all sorts of opportunities for cozy occasions and heartwarming romantic moments. Plus, a winter wedding often can turn out to be more fun, less expensive, and even more memorable than if your big day was held during another time of year.

But making sure your winter wedding is as magically perfect as you deserve it to be requires some forethought as well as a bit of introspection. So, here are 7 winter wedding ideas that’ll help you find the perfect location to say “I do”.

Host a Chilly Reception

7 Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Help You Find the Perfect Spot to Say "I Do": A frozen paradise inside the Ice Hotel in Kiruna, Sweden

Do you and your betrothed agree that winter is the preferred season for the two of you? Why not go all out with a winter-themed wedding at a destination that’s certain to be chilled out and cool. For example, you could book a reception at an ice hotel in Sweden or plan to tie the knot beneath the aurora borealis in Iceland or far north in Finland.

Go Wild!

Saying goodbye to the single life means a fresh start for you and your main squeeze. Maximize the metaphor by going up north to Alaska for a wedding in the last frontier. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to go quite that far away to experience the wiles of a wilderness. You can have your wild winter wedding in the lower 48 at other scenic destinations such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or Lake Tahoe on the border of California and Nevada.

Guarantee a White Backdrop to Match the Bride’s Dress

 7 Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Help You Find the Perfect Spot to Say "I Do": bride and groom in a winter frost with a snowflow

If your mantra is “Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!” then host your wedding at a place when the chance of fluffy white stuff is highest. Make your big day an international snow day with a wedding in Bergen (Norway) or Sapporo (Japan). If you want to pay less for flight deals you can always keep things closer to home; Mount Washington, New Hampshire, and the Cascades of Washington State are among the snowiest places in the U.S.

It’s All Downhill from Here!

Did your fiancé get down on one knee to propose with a black diamond? For an exhilarating wedding, try hitting the slopes with your wedding party. Ski resorts in Colorado, Vermont, British Columbia, the Swiss Alps, and other locations around the world have the venues and the infrastructure to accommodate you and your loved ones for a world-class event of any size.

‘Tis the Season

 7 Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Help You Find the Perfect Spot to Say "I Do": Beautiful wedding couples winter/Christmas wedding

The holiday season brings with it a lighter work schedule for a lot of people. Factoring this into your wedding planning can help you and your guests enjoy the occasion without having to take off precious vacation days to be together. Many families already make the effort to celebrate the season with each other at this festive time of year. So it might make sense to hitch your intentions of getting hitched to preexisting stars, such as the one atop your Christmas tree.

Say It with Aloha

Have your wedding in Hawaii and you’ll be conveniently set for a dream-come-true honeymoon immediately after. Perfect warm and sunny weather, a wealth of accommodation options for all budgets and styles, and a feeling of aloha (not to mention humpback whales breaching just offshore) add up to a wonderful wedding. Be it a retro reception in Waikiki or a marvelous sunrise ceremony atop Haleakala on Maui, the Hawaiian Islands offer a romantic setting for getting married.

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Take a Break from Winter

7 Winter Wedding Ideas That Will Help You Find the Perfect Spot to Say "I Do": Bride and groom are opening a champagne at a wedding ceremony with three musicians near caribbean coastline

Of course, Hawaii is not the only warm-weather destination for lovestruck snowbirds. The Caribbean is dotted with islands to consider. The Old World charm of San Juan in Puerto Rico, the majestic resorts of Montego Bay in Jamaica … the Caribbean is the place to be for mild and sunny days seemingly designed especially to ensure your wedding is perfect. Farther afield, the southern hemisphere has its summer while North America is in the grip of winter. Argentina, Australia, New Zealand … if you have the time and want a break from the cold, a wedding with summer sun even when it’s winter back home is doable.

Planning a winter wedding? How are you going about deciding where to go for such a special occasion?

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