Work is work and usually, it isn’t a fun adventure. But if your job requires you to travel frequently, you may as well find ways to make the most of your business trips. Don’t waste all of your time preparing for meetings and traveling to get there without taking a break to explore a bit. To do so, here are seven easy ways to squeeze in some fun when you need to travel for work.

Don’t Rush Through It

I know it sounds like an oxymoron. No one would want to drag a business trip out even longer on purpose, but it’ll make a world of difference. Think about that early flight you had to grab at the crack of dawn, and you felt stressed out trying to make it to the airport on time. Instead of rushing at the last minute, add a day to your calendar. If possible, leave the day before you’re needed for the purpose of your trip. It’s usually much easier to find flight deals to fly out on a weekday, and you can plan your vacation days around the trip. Take your time at the airport. Hang out at the airport club lounge. With all of the perks that they offer there is a good chance that the end of the day, you’ll be saying Hakuna Matata even if you find yourself dealing with a delayed flight.

Bring a Friend With You

business trip with a friend

Most hotels will have no problem offering you double beds in exchange for your King. Take advantage of the space and have someone tag along with you, whether it’s a friend, your partner, or a family member. Your companion can explore the city or relax back at the hotel while you’re attending meetings. It’s always nice to have a familiar face around in the evenings when its time for room service or site seeing. Either way, knowing at least one person on your trip can help ease your mind and make it a more enjoyable trip.

Treat Yourself

Make it your motto during the trip. After a long day of work, you certainly deserve a reward or two! Indulge yourself with a delicious meal at a location-specific restaurant. Book a massage and facial at the spa, and let the tension wash away as you breathe in the soothing eucalyptus-scented atmosphere. With most hotels having in-house spas you probably won’t have to go too far to enjoy this perk. Stop by a nail salon to get a mani-pedi. Scope out the local shops. Pack a swimsuit if your hotel has a pool. Remember, it’s always the little things that can brighten your day. Do as many little things as you can on your work trip.

Check Out What The City Has To Offer

man taking a photo in china

Embrace the idea of being a tourist at your destination. All work and no play would make anyone bored. Step away from the hotel, go on an adventure, and see where it takes you. Hit up a concert or museum and shop at the local stores. It’s yet another reason why you should add a day to your agenda and invite someone to join you on your trip. You can go online and look up all of the attractions to plan out your activities. If you’re going solo and want to meet new people, there are some apps you can use to set up plans with like-minded individuals. Bonus: you’ll also get a “makeshift” local tour guide.

Choose The Location If You Can

Nothing makes it more boring than being stuck in a plain conference room all day, watching the clock tick away. If your company is flexible, suggest a more lively environment for the meeting. It could be anywhere from a quaint coffee shop to a cool restaurant. With quick access to coffee and food, you would probably get an eager crowd that agrees with your efforts. More often than not, restaurants usually have “closed” rooms for large parties and business meetings. There’s just something about unique environments and a change of pace that makes for a better day.

Prepare Your Devices

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It sounds obvious, but preparation is always key. Download your favorite playlists that either helps you to relax or feel motivated to get things done. Headphones are a great way of gently letting people know that you’re occupied in case you need to put your head down and get some last-minute things done. They also come in handy when you want to pump yourself on the way to a potentially stressful meeting.  Download movies for your laptop during the flight to keep yourself entertained, or sign up for apps that will allow you to watch movies and place music while on your flight and in your hotel room. Ensure that your clocks and watches are in the right time zones. Prepare back-ups of all the presentations and speeches. You should still be prepared to shine should the worst-case scenario happen to any of your devices.

Stick to Your Routine

Don’t leave your routine back at home. Some people like to cozy up in their beds with a great book and a cup of tea. Others like to call a certain friend or family member every night at the same time. Make sure you get enough sleep. Take some time to meditate if that’s part of your daily antics. Whatever your routine is, try your best to stick to it. The more you stick to your daily habits the less of a chance you have to feel stressed.

Unlike oil and water, work and fun can mix together. If you have any other ways to make your work-related expenditures more enjoyable, let us know in the comments section below!

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