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Hey you twenty-something you! You’re young and full of energy with your whole life ahead of you. So what are you doing just sitting there? It’s time to hit the road.

Traveling abroad in your 20’s is a rite of passage that broadens horizons and sets a meaningful global perspective that will inform the important decisions you’ll being making for years to come. It’s also an absolutely fantastic way to have a blast!

One question: where to go? Europe’s definitely worth a visit for a variety of reasons. Great public transportation in town, between destinations and across international borders, bolstered by loads of cheap flights connecting mega-cities to obscure dots on the map, make it easy and affordable to cover a lot of ground. The great thing about Europe is that no matter where you visit, the place will be steeped in history and culture.

We hope our selection of seven European cities to visit in your 20’s helps you narrow your choices and get started planning your Euro dream trip today.


Europe in Your 20s - Amsterdam

Hello, fun town! This compact, pretty, and elegant city of canals is the epitome of sophistication or sauciness – it just depends on your frame of mind and where and you place yourself while you’re there. The Dutch laissez-faire attitude, top-rated museums and cultural attractions, and a constant and cosmopolitan flow of young and youthful travelers pack a potent blend that makes Amsterdam an ideal place to visit in your 20’s.


Europe in Your 20s - Barcelona

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love the ever-youthful Barcelona, a big city with a big beach that’s famous for its big welcome. This Catalan capital of culture of cuisine offers every urban delight imaginable with easy access to ancient villages, award winning vineyards, massive mountains, abandoned beaches and plenty of famous Spanish sunshine mixed with a mellow Mediterranean vibe.



By just hopping any of the many flights to Germany and heading to its vibrant capital, with its overwhelmingly youthful population and large creative industries sector, will bring you to arguably Europe’s best option for nightlife and street culture. Bars and clubs abound (sometimes in the most unexpected places), the street art is top rate, and currywurst is … well, definitely worth a try (especially in the wee hours of the morning after a raucous night on the town). Of course, cultural and historical sights such as the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Reichstag, and the Peragon Museum ensure there’s plenty more to experience in Berlin.


Dublin is (in)famous for good times. Your friends back home will be green with envy when you regale them with tales of luck and pluck from the age-old Irish capital. Whether you’re heading there to follow in the footsteps of literary idols, commence the most epic of pub crawls, or discover how diverse and dynamic modern Dublin is, you’re certain to have a blast and make memories that will last a lifetime.


Europe in Your 20s - London

Anything goes in London (as long as you’re impeccably polite and respectable AND reserved about it). The world in a nutshell and the gateway to Britain, Europe and beyond – sprawling and historic London is an excellent hub and the default destination for whatever floats your boat.


Europe in Your 20s - Paris

Hands down, Paris is Europe’s most beautiful city and ranks extraordinarily high among the world’s most fashionable and culturally enriched destinations. Be it splurging on a feast at a three Michelin star restaurant, grabbing a quick Nutella crepe on the street, or partaking in all sorts of other delicious possibilities in between – Paris is, of course, a foodie’s paradise. And as if that wasn’t enough, the City of Lights teems with so many cool things to experience. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame are but a few of the multitude of must-see Parisian attractions.


Europe in Your 20s - Reykjavik

Quirky locals, stunning landscapes, wide-open spaces, and Mother Nature in her rawest form set the right tone for an amazing time in this far-flung and friendly North Atlantic city, seemingly perched on the edge of the earth. For twenty-somethings craving adventure and hoping to have the wildest of times, Reykjavik is an ace base for Icelandic explorations.


What are/were some of your favorite European cities to explore in your 20’s? Let us know in the comments section!



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