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Sure, romantic getaways and family-fun packed vacations are fantastic. But, there’s really nothing quite like solo travel. If you’ve never experienced the sheer exhilaration of booking last minute flight deals to embark on a journey on your own or taking a break to globe trot alone and on your own schedule, you’re missing out! With no one to tell you what to do next and no requests for activities or sites other than your own, the freedom to decide what to do and the opportunity to make new friends allows for some amazing travel adventures.

Of course, not all destinations are best for solitary travel, especially if you’re on a budget, because (like everything else in the travel world) some places are more affordable than others. With that in mind, here are seven places around the world that are perfect for solo travel AND won’t break the bank.

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Imagine basking in the sun, on a remote retreat, surrounded by local cuisine, history, art, and plenty of activities. Now imagine it all being that magical word: cheap. A vacation in this Northern region of Thailand is so low-priced for westerners that it’s marketed as a top spa and holistic wellness destination, with innumerable organic farms, fruit orchards, and wellness retreats throughout the Chiang Rai area.


Whether you’re taking in the countryside or exploring the city, the Emerald Isle is the perfect place to travel on your own–mainly because of the renowned friendliness of the Irish people. Obviously, big cities like Dublin are going to be pricey, but if you keep moving you’ll find lots of cheaper places to stay.

Your solo sojourn awaits! Book cheap last minute flight deals to get you there!

Portland, Oregon

Between the last minute flight deals you’ll find to get here, the lively arts scene and free-spirit culture, Portland is the perfect city to visit on your own — and it’s an affordable one too. With deals on everything from lodging to dining out to transportation, not only is this an easy and safe place to visit, it’s also a budget-friendly one. Oh, and be sure to stop and smell the roses at the International Rose Test Garden at Washington Park!

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Siena, Italy

Breathe in the fresh Tuscan air and walk through the countryside in Siena, Italy. With innumerable outdoor activities like hiking, biking or horseback riding and streets lined with museums and ancient architecture, you’re in for a rustic, laidback treat in this beautiful historic city in central Italy.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

canalIf you’re looking for affordable last minute flight deals to a destination that’s just as low-priced once you get there, look no further! Probably THE most affordable city in Europe to visit on your own, Amsterdam offers a wealth of low-cost cultural experience and chances to hang out with other travelers. Lodgings may be costly, but getting around and eating is pretty reasonable.

Corfu, Greece

More than just a beach destination, Corfu is a Greek Island that offers its visitors a plethora of both indoor and outdoor activities. Take a dip, go surfing, or sail across the breathtakingly blue waters through one of the locals and you’ll be able to have a blast, without breaking the bank! The island is covered in Byzantine architecture, so as you stroll along you’ll come across castles, fortresses and all sorts of ancient ruins. Among the city’s offerings is also a huge selection of free or low-cost museums and a historical central square known as “Old Town” with tons of local, affordable eats and bars.

Placencia Village, Belize

Belize is already known to be home to some of the world’s best beaches, but for an affordable, exclusive beach experience Paciencia Village is the place to go! Located on a peninsula within Belize, here, visitors can go snorkeling, diving, sailing or fishing without breaking the bank! If you need a break from the beach and ocean adventures, you can also explore Mayan ruins, or dine at one of the many budget-friendly local eateries.

Whether you’re an experienced solo traveler or someone booking last minute flight deals to finally set out on a journey on your own, we’d love to hear from you.  Share your comments below!

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