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We love saving especially when it comes to traveling! Costs tend to add up quickly if you’re trying to fit in roundtrip flights on major airlines and beachside resort stays into your limited budget. Using the right tools while booking can save you a lot of money on travel expenses. And if you’re uncertain of the hacks to spend less then hang on because we’re about to tell you all about them!

Use Credit Cards with Rewards

If you don’t already have a travel rewards credit card then we recommend you get one! Using a credit card that offers travel rewards will have you racking up points in no time. Depending on the card, the points can be used for savings on flights, hotel, and car rentals… and hey, you may even have enough to score a free flight! While using a credit card that offers rewards, the purchases you make can be on anything you please but some purchases receive more points than others. So, why not stack up on points to save if you’ll be traveling soon anyways!

Stay Out of Town

While traveling to a major city with tourists bunking up in the lavish hotels in the center of town, we advise you go elsewhere. While booking your hotel, do some research on stays outside of the major city for a cheaper nightly rate. Keep in mind that a town outside a major city can also be a much better experience as you can hang with the locals or explore even more from the outskirts. And staying away from the crowds of tourists can be more of a relaxing experience anyways.

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One-Way Flights May Be Best

Booking 2 one-way flights can occasionally result in a cheaper airfare rather than booking one roundtrip ticket. It will require a lengthier search and some math to find two one-way fights that will save you money. In order to succeed with this technique, you’ll obviously have to look for flights to and from your destination on any carrier and then add the two lowest fares together to compare the total with the price of a roundtrip ticket. Legacy airlines such as United and American purposely price their roundtrip fares to be less than just booking 2 one-way flights. Newer low-cost carriers like WOW air and Jetblue do the opposite, ultimately you may be successful in finding a deal with two different low-cost carriers. And don’t forget to factor in the fees for amenities like baggage and meals some airlines include these in the fare price while others will charge you separately.


Flight Time Matters

It’s no theory that travel times and dates make a difference in airfare. Mid-day flights tend to always be more expensive compared to a red-eye or early morning flight times. The reasoning for this is simply because most travelers don’t want to fly through the night or at the crack of dawn. Prices also tend to spike around major holidays and there are contrasting rules for domestic and international pricing. Flights during the middle of the week are believed to have the lowest ticket prices. Typically, the most expensive days of the week to fly is Friday and Sunday due to the high demand for travel at the start and end of the weekend. So, if you can avoid flying on either of those days and try to sacrifice the hours of sleep and book a late night or early morning flight, then you’ll surely save on your tickets.

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Pay Attention to Email Promotions

We know your inbox is flooded daily with store promotions and deals that you simply don’t care for. But, travel promotions are different! Flight, car, and hotel deals land in subscribers inboxes every day and we’re sure you probably missed a few great travel deals. Here’s our suggestion: create a separate email for travel promotions only or keep your inbox organized by creating folders where these messages will land in so you never miss a deal again! While you’re scrambling for that holiday flight deal to NYC or wherever you plan to go, search your inbox to discover promotions you may have missed.

Don’t Be an Average Tourist

So you’ve snagged cheap roundtrip flights and managed to land in your destination. What’s next? Tourists traveling to major cities around the world often plan an itinerary with the same places to see and do. Restaurants and shops around popular areas will be much more expensive compared to a restaurant right outside of town. Be different–explore the local neighborhoods, experience a variety of cultures, and learn something new. You’re guaranteed to save on food, shopping and be exposed to something new!

Do you have any other money-saving travel tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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