Ah, Millennials. We do love those little buggers. They seem to love taking long-held travel trends and flipping them on their head — and, hey, we like it! It keeps us on our toes. So when we thought about where they were wont to head this autumn, we kept some Millennial intel at the top of our minds: they’re willing to pay a little more for a cool experience (but also want to save some cash in other areas), they’re looking to connect with the place and its locals, and they’re always on the lookout for the next best thing. With those things in mind, here are the top six spots Millennials should be flocking off to this fall season:

All-Inclusive Resort in Mexico? Nah, They’re Going to Costa Rica


In Costa Rica, Millenials love that you can still get that luxury feeling… For less. Instead of all-inclusive resorts that are behind walls and very disconnected from the local scene, young travelers are looking elsewhere for that down-to-earth, dirt cheap, adventurous experience. And Costa Rica is the perfect choice. With opportunities to surf, sail, zipline, hike, bike, and so much more, it makes sense that folks will be headed south for their autumn vacations. Want to experience pura vida? Costa Rica is the place to be.

Cosmopolitan Getaway to New York? Nah, They’re Headed to Nashville


Amazing food, incredible music, flashing lights? Yeah, we’re talking about Nashville. Instead of the expensive trip to the much-romanticized streets of New York City, Millennials are packing their bags and headed to the flashing neon lights of Music City. The best part of Nashville? It’s like two cities in one — and music-loving travelers are on the hunt for both. On the one hand, the blaring honky-tonks and beer-fueled nights keep the city light and fun, while those who dig deeper find a rich culture and sophisticated side to this square dancing town.

Historic Traipsing Through Paris? Nah, They Heard Prague Is Better


Referred to by many as “The Paris of the East”, Prague is quickly becoming a cultural hot spot for Millennials looking to catch up on their history (and nightlife scene). With buildings and lore that date back a millennia, it’s no wonder folks are headed east to check out the spindly spires and heady beers that this Czech city has to offer. Complete with cheap hostels and a bustling nightlife scene, Prague is a no-brainer for Millennials looking for a different kind of Euro trip.

Eat Their Way Through Italy? Nah, Vietnam Has Their Heart (and Stomach)


If food is where the heart is, then Millennials’ hearts are in Vietnam. Where their parents might have flown off to Italy to sample real Italian food (okay, we also want to do this), younger travelers are looking to experience food that hasn’t yet been exploited and grossly used to be turned into a frightening chain of restaurants. And Vietnam fits the bill perfectly. With its dizzying array of sounds, smells, and sights, it’s guaranteed to enchant trekkers looking for a truly unique experience. From the street food to the ultra-affordable hostels, Vietnam makes a compelling case for itself as the next Millennial obsession.

Relax at a Yoga Retreat in California? Nah, They’re Going to Maine


For younger travelers looking to relax this fall season, the northernmost point of the States is calling. Though a yoga retreat on the West Coast sounds like a nice digital detox, Millennials’ wallets would wither at the idea of it. Travelers on a budget — but who still value solitude and little luxuries — will be setting their sights north and look to venture through Maine’s lush forests and crashing coastlines. Unique bed and breakfasts welcome road trippers throughout the state and its beautiful Arcadia National Park beckons adventurous Millennials forth.

Sky Dive Inside in Las Vegas? Nah, They’re Adventuring in New Zealand


World renowned for its adrenaline-pumping activities, New Zealand is a natural spot for Millennials to head to for a thrill. Uncrowded, laid-back, green, and friendly, New Zealand is the perfect place for wandering travelers. But thrill seekers aren’t all who’ll find solace here. Foodies will be delighted at the culinary upheaval of the past couple of decades: local chefs have ditched the bland food of its colonial past and have instead drawn inspiration from neighboring South Pacific countries, lining Kiwi stomachs with delectable platters of uniquely prepared seafood. Folks looking to connect will love the presence of the Māori culture — its language, feasts, and war dances included. Sun, surf, and food? No wonder Millennials have fallen for New Zealand.

Are you itching to get somewhere on this list? Tell us where in the comments below!

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