Is it your life’s dream to travel to an exotic destination? If so, you might want to make booking a cheap flight to Cebu a priority. This province of the Philippines will provide just about everything you could possibly want in a vacation: unique events, amazing food, endless recreation, and natural beauty that’ll take your breath away. If you’re planning a trip to this coastal paradise in the Philippines, you may want to add the following to your itinerary once you book.

Go to the Gardens

Beautiful Aerial View of the Iconic Tops View deck in Cebu, Philippines

When in Cebu, you’ll see astounding sights at just about every turn. One of the best ways to experience the tranquility and beauty of nature here is to visit some of the area’s most beloved gardens. The Terrazas de Flores Botanical Garden, the first terraced flower garden in the country, is nestled among rolling mountains and is one of the most idyllic places you’ll likely ever visit. Alternatively, you can head to the 12-acre Celestial Garden, a peaceful memorial park filled with statues and stunning panoramic views.

Get Festive

If you travel to Cebu sometime in January, you could be very lucky indeed. The Sinulog Festival is the biggest in all of Cebu, featuring cultural shows, incredible fireworks, and lively parades. It takes place on the third Sunday in January and attracts upwards of 2 million people every year. The festival dates back to the early 1500s and its traditions are still celebrated today. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience; you may even want to plan your trip around attending!

Feel a Sense of History

Heritage of Cebu Monument.Its depicts significant moments in Cebu's history start with fatefull fight of April 27, 1521 where native chieftan Lapu-lapu killed Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

There are countless historical buildings throughout Cebu, but you’ll definitely want to make a visit to the Cebu Heritage Monument (also known as The Heritage of Cebu Monument). The structure itself contains an impressive combination of stone, steel, brass, and bronze sculptures depicting the history of the city. You’ll instantly get a feel for the history of this beautiful place and the people who have lived here. The sculptures combine church towers, ships, crosses, and key cultural figures from the city’s history. From the famous Battle of Mactan between Ferdinand Magellan and Lapu-Lapu to the famed Santo Niño mass, the Cebu Heritage Monument beautifully portrays the vibrant mix of maritime history, Catholicism, prominent historical figures, and famous sea battles that make Cebu such a distinctive place.

Get Up-Close-and-Personal with Nature

As we mentioned before, making your way to Cebu will guarantee your immersion in nature’s bounty. But if you really want to get the full experience, you may want to make it a point to visit with some animal friends while you’re here. You can swim alongside a whale shark in the clear ocean waters, see beautiful native butterflies at an educational sanctuary, or meet the largest collection of migratory birds in the country at the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even get a special “spa treatment” from pythons at the Cebu City Zoo, where snake handlers will carefully drape giant pythons over participants.

Don’t Forget to “Fall” in Love

Kawasan Falls on Cebu island in Philippines

Many couples love traveling together, and there are a number of sights in Cebu that are perfect for them Case in point: the gorgeous waterfalls spread throughout the Cebu Island landscape. A trek out to these falls is the perfect way to explore the island, although there are too many waterfalls to see on a single trip. The Kawasan Falls and the Anguinid Falls are both incredibly beautiful and refreshing — and provide the perfect photo ops.

Have Your Fill of Thrills up in the Sky

Want to really experience Cebu from every angle? Then you’ve got to look up. The Crown Regency hotel is the go-to spot for thrill seekers. There, you can walk on a translucent glass floor at dizzying heights, ride a zip line, or take a trip on the Edge Coaster. If that’s not quite your speed, you can head to Tops Lookout — a popular tourist destination that offers an astounding 360-degree view of the entire city.

Your trip won’t be complete without a trek to at least some of these must-see places. Ready to get started on making this dream vacation a reality by booking a cheap flight to Cebu? We’re here to help.

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