Who has one eye, four legs and an enviable concierge gig at Chicago‘s luxury Park Hyatt hotel? Hardworking pup Parker, that’s who! After being adopted recently by the hotel’s manager, the 5-year-old pug has proven herself to be worthy of the unparalleled appointment in her first three weeks at her post. Her calm and friendly nature has made her the perfect addition to the Park Hyatt team – she greets coworkers, guests and other pets in a warm and professional manner, creating a residential air within the ritzy hotel that guests are responding very positively to.

And now, hearing about (and being made insanely jealous by) this well-traveled doggie, the story made us ask: what other roles around the world are our furry friends filling? What we found may surprise you and make you want to swing by these destination cities to say hi! (Make sure to bring some kibble).

Stubbs the Cat: Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska

Jenni Konrad / Wikipedia

Jenni Konrad / Wikipedia

On July 18th, 1997, Stubbs the Cat, just shy of his 3-month birthday, assumed command of the mayoral office in his hometown of Talkeetna, Alaska. Though his campaign and successive 19-year reign has drawn skepticism from some who insist that the small town does not, in fact, have a mayor, the wunderkat draws in about 40 tourists a day who wish to meet the beloved mayor, usually making a stop along their way to Denali. His tenure hasn’t been all catnip and Fancy Feast, though. The feline has survived a BB gun attack, a dog mauling and falling into his favorite restaurant’s deep fryer. Good thing he has nine lives! Stubbs, now 19-years old, enjoys a slower paced lifestyle nowadays and has settled into a routine that includes napping, drinking catnip-infused water and keeping a vigilant eye over his town.

Ferrets: Cable Runners in London (and Beyond!)

kuban_girl / Shutterstock

kuban_girl / Shutterstock

Dating back as early at 6 B.C.E., ferrets have been used by humans for their burrowing abilities and trainable qualities. Luckily for the ferret-folk, they have advanced mightily since their early vocation of controlling rabbit plagues. Since their rodent-chasing days of yore, ferrets have recently gravitated towards a career that puts to use their keen talents for squeezing into tight spaces: cable laying. Used in high-profile ceremonies like the royal wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in London, ferrets have been trained and recruited by organizations like Virgin Media and the U.S. government to run wires through impossible to reach places. Talk about a promotion.

Toby, Fleetwood and Pippy: Director of Wellness, Chief Laziness Officer and Head of Food Safety at Khan Academy in Santa Clara, California

Dan Kosmayer / Shutterstock

Dan Kosmayer / Shutterstock

Driven by their passions for food, hugs and workplace relaxation, these three working canines enjoy immense job security and overwhelming popularity at their workplace near Santa Clara, California. Though they have had to put their differences behind them (squirrel or tennis ball? We may never know.), the three companions have agreed to share the title of Man’s Best Friend while they’re in the office. Their day-to-day is seemingly simple: they are tasked with boosting workplace happiness, improving interdepartmental relations and ensuring that everybody’s meals pass a routine set of rigorous tests.

Grumpy Cat, Keyboard Cat, Henry le Chat Noir: National Feline Celebrities

Seriously, these cats know how to hustle. These three cats have their own Wikipedia pages, one has authored a book, they attend conventions and appear in commercials for brands like Delta, Wonderful Pistachios and more. Hailing from Arizona (Grumpy Cat) and Washington (Keyboard Cat and Henri), these kittens were trailblazers for Internet cats of all kinds. Not content to be seen as merely the butt of a joke on shows like America’s Funniest Home Videos, these cats decided to make a name for themselves on their own terms, with their human companion’s help. Whether they’re reminding us all of reasons to be grouchy, reasons to dance or reasons to ponder the existence of life itself, we have them to thank for the Internet becoming the hilarious cat-hub that it is today.

Yat-chan and Fuku-chan: Waiters At Kayabukiya Tavern in Japan

Wikipedia Commons

Wikipedia Commons

A traditional sake house just north of Tokyo has been employing some nontraditional employees: two Japanese macaque monkeys. Twelve-year-old Yat-chan excels at customer service, quickly taking the drink orders of the patrons from table to kitchen in record speed. The younger but equally as talented Fuku-chan waits for Yat-chan to deliver the customers’ drinks before giving them a hot towel to clean their hands before drinking. The monkeys are certified by local authorities to work in two-hour shifts and accept tips in soya beans. Patrons are taken with the primates and the star waiters draw in exceptional business from tourists in addition to local regulars. Soon Yat-chan and Fuku-chan will be able to retire early, as the restaurant owner is reportedly training three more young monkeys to serve the sake house’s increasing customer base.

Surprised? Let’s just hope that when these animals realize their full potential as working professionals, they’ll remember who brushed their coats and gave them catnip-infused ice water. Do you have an animal working 9 – 5 in your office? Share pictures in the comments below!


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