Though I’ve written plenty about my favorite borough before, here’s a quick guide for those traveling to NYC and venturing out of Manhattan.  All of these eateries are located on the main street, Bedford Avenue, which is the first stop off the L train.

There’s truly nothing better than NYC’s bagels.  I can tell you there was no food I missed more when I was abroad.  The Bagelsmith is right next to the Bedford Ave subway station L train exit and is open 24 hours.  Great for any meal, including the one after a night out at 4 a.m.

Mizu has delicious Japanese food at great prices.  Their sushi is fresh and delicious and the service is fast and hospitable.  The location also provides for great people watching.

Sweet Chick
Sweet Chick is a new and very popular restaurant on Bedford, offering diners a somewhat unique experience in the area.  The menu consists of chicken, waffles, and more traditional American southern food, with vibrant takes on traditional salads and desserts as well.

If you love Middle Eastern food, Oasis is a fast, affordable, and very accessible place to pop in for some falafel or other treats.  It’s located on North 7th Ave just as you exit the subway station.

What’s New York without pizza? The area is full of pizza joints and it’s pretty safe that anywhere you go you’ll get the real thing.  Caesar salad pizza and ziti pizza are just a few of the exciting varieties you’ll find at these eateries.

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Photo credit: Amy Wiener

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