Halloween is upon us and that means scares, frights, and things that go bump in the night!

In honor of the season of creepy, we’ve been busy scaring up some terrifying towns and pulse-raising places for you brave-hearted travelers to get your thrills ‘n chills in!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.

Bran Castle in Transylvania

Fueled by Bram Stoker’s classic novel and countless movie adaptations, the very name Transylvania sends shivers down the spine! No wonder it’s become a haven for horror seekers and wannabe blood-suckers all year round. (A glass of type ‘A’ for me please!) Use your cheap round trip flights to fly into Cluj-Napoca and travel one hundred miles through the Romanian landscape keeping an ever-watchful eye out for wolves skulking alongside the imposing Carpathian mountain range. Look out for flying bats (and flying guano) as you near the city of Brasov, home of Bran Castle, the reputed home of everyone’s favorite fang-flashing vampire—Dracula himself!

Before you start the castle tour, put yourself in the mood with a visit to the nearby villages where legends speak of immortal undead spirits haunting locals by night! Creepy!

These days you may be more likely to bump into the evening cow parade than any cloak-waving vampires, but Transylvania is so worth a visit, if only to marvel at its unspoiled landscape, churches, castles, and folklore-filled mystery. (Your friends will love getting the postcard too!)

Castle museum tours are open to scare 9am-6pm daily (Mondays from noon) in summer and 9am-4pm daily (except Monday) in winter.

Seattle’s Underground City

James Whelan / Shutterstock

We all know Seattle is famed for its underground grunge music, but did you know that Seattle actually has its own underground city?

Seattle was built too near sea level and flooded often, so when a large part of the city burned down back in 1889, developers decided to raise the foundations of the new city by 32 feet. (Made crossing roads quite difficult!) Several years later, the bubonic plague drove the final stragglers from the old sea-level streets, leaving these dusty alleyways to the criminals and the rats!

Nowadays, you can journey through what’s left of the old city pretty much as it was back in its gold prospecting days, but don’t expect to find your fortune on this subterranean adventure.

Underground tours run daily except Christmas and Thanksgiving. Guides inject some local color and humor into their tours— but it’s still pretty creepy under there!

The Spooky South of Savannah

Whytock / Shutterstock

Of course, no self-respecting terror town list would be complete without mentioning the Queen of them all, Savannah, Georgia! This Southern spooksville has been the subject of more alarming anecdotes detailing sinister happenings and mysterious goings-on than a full-length Scooby-Doo movie! From ghostly apparitions to seriously creepy cemeteries, this poltergeist paradise is the epicenter of ectoplasm.

Savannah gently relishes her macabre status with plenty of tours and meticulously maintained mansions shaded by mossy trees, but she also embraces her natural eeriness, luring big-name Hollywood movies into her cold grasp. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil was set here, and is it just us, or is anyone else still screaming after watching Cape Fear?

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Traipse Through the Tower of London

Ferenz / Shutterstock

If you fancy hopping over the pond to experience how British ghosts sound (do their howls have accents?) make sure to visit London’s most haunted building! The infamous Tower of London is steeped in horrific history.

Screaming prisoners were tortured, butchered, beheaded, and quartered here, whilst flocks of inky ravens looked on. Numerous sightings of apparitions have been reported over the years in many of the Castle’s towers and halls, and there are even reports of a ghostly perfume nauseating guards and visitors near the entrance to St. Johns Chapel! (Casper the Unwashed Ghost, perhaps?)

The Tower is a fascinating reminder of London’s dark and violent past and offers visitors many different ways to enjoy its blood-stained history. You can lust after the priceless Crown Jewels (don’t touch!) that are fiercely guarded here or just wander around the grounds and halls taking in the scenic city landscape whilst waiting for a beheaded Queen to float by!

Situated on the North Bank of the River Thames, this popular and eerie attraction is easy to get to, and a great day out for all the family. Just don’t blame us if you have nightmares.

The West Virginia Penitentiary

How does a visit to an old, disused penitentiary in West Virginia to walk with the restless souls of inmates who lost their lives within its fortified walls sound to you? Fun? Really? As if an empty jail at night isn’t creepy enough, the West Virginia Penitentiary located in Moundsville has frequent ghost sightings, most commonly the maintenance man who hangs out by the basement bathroom! (Hey, even ghosts have to go now and again!)

As well as the regularly scheduled daily tours, this place offers ghost hunts, zombie walks, and best of all, an unguided tour where you explore the property in your own private group – from midnight ‘til dawn! Gulp!

Overnight tours run on select Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays with advance bookings required. Sounds like a great party idea to me!

OK – you can stop hiding behind your hands now. We’re done!

Let us know the creepiest place you’ve ever visited in our creepy comments section below and fangs for contributing!

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