Airport Travel Tips: Inexpensive Ways to Get into Airport Lounges

Get Some Work Done on the Cheap in an Airport Lounge


The more frequent a traveler I become, the more picky I am about where I wait. Not that I don’t mind sitting in front of the Gate waiting for plane to arrive, but if there’s spotty Wi-Fi and not enough refreshments, then my productivity starts a pretty swift decline.
Airport Lounges are always a good bet, and nice work if you can get it. You don’t always have to have a First Class Ticket to get into and wait in one, though. Here are a few ways to get into lounges:
Get a Priority Pass: If you’re a frequent traveler, you may want to splurge on a Priority Pass ( which costs $99 per year for the Regular Traveler ($27 per lounge visit); $249 for the Frequent Traveler (10 free visits and $27 per visit after); and $399 per year for unlimited airport lounge visits.
Get an American Express Card and Reap the Bennies: Not all of us have the ability to secure a Platinum card from American Express, but if you do, then note that one of the benefits is Worldwide Airport Lounge Access. You’ll also be able to get Membership Reward points for every dollar you spend on your card.
Purchase a Lounge Membership: If you are loyal to one airline (or Alliance) more than most, then you may want to consider a Lounge Membership, which typically comes in the form of an Annual Fee. For example, American Airlines’ Admiral’s Club Lounge Membership offers you access to over 40 Lounges around the world, and 30 international lounges provided by Quantas. Membership fees vary according the airline.
Buy a Day Pass: While you may not want to splurge on a Day Pass (typically in the $50 range), it may be a good option because you’ll receive free Wi-Fi, snacks, beverages throughout the day. This becomes a smart option if your transit time is especially long, and the benefits of a day pass outweigh the costs of eating at various places and paying for Airport Wi-Fi.
Use Your Miles! If you achieve Elite status with an airline, that typically comes with lounge privileges. For example, achieving Gold, Platinum or Diamond status for the Star Alliance airlines will typically earn you lounge perks. In the long run, it does pay to fly frequently!
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