As you lay on the beach in the Caribbean or sightsee through Europe, most likely you’ll hit that moment where you wish the trip would never end. Being on the road permanently always sounds like a fine idea until you crunch the numbers. How could anyone afford to travel indefinitely? Despite what the critics might say, it is possible to earn money while traveling. If you want to pick up a job here and there, you simply need the right strategy in place to master the never-ending trip.

It sounds like the ultimate dream, traveling without end. Many might gloss over how easy it is to travel the world and earn a living. In the end, it can be hard work. But with a careful strategy and armed with your own set of skills, finding cash on the road doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Here are 10 proven ways to make money while traveling:

See If You Can Work Remotely

how to make money traveling by working remotely

If you’re serious about traveling and still earning an income, it never hurts to begin with your current job. Perhaps you love your job but your work could easily be done remotely. Meet with your superiors and ask if this is an option. Should you get the green light, you won’t have to worry about finding a job on the road in a set location. You can move around and keep doing what you love to do in the process. If you hate your job, there are loads of jobs that can be done remotely. From writing to web design work, many jobs only require an internet connection. So, before you hop on the next cheap international flights you find, make a list of your skills and see if you can make your own job from the road whether it be consulting, translating, editing, or social media marketing.

Use Your Knowledge of English to Land a Gig

how to make money traveling by interviewing abroad

For those who would love to travel the world and still get paid, you often have a skill that many job seekers want. Your knowledge of English can generally be advantageous while you travel looking for work. If you’ve found a nice spot to stay in for a while, you can visit local schools and inquire about teaching positions and tutoring gigs. They can often point you in the direction of paid work where your knowledge of English is needed. Taking it to a more long-term level, you can always get certified to teach English abroad and score more high-paying work. Also, if you’re traveling in a foreign country, restaurants without English menus, or ones that need serious editing might need your English services too.

Try Apps and Social Media to Pick Up Odd Jobs

how to make money traveling by applying online

Perhaps you just want to pick up some extra cash here and there as you travel. You aren’t seeking something permanent or a position that will tie you to one place. If you’re running low on your travel funds, don’t panic. You can begin with your social network. Send a Tweet or post on Facebook to see if anyone in your network knows of someone who needs help where you’re traveling. You might be surprised just how connected you are on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If your social network fails, you can also find odd jobs through several apps. Field Agent is an app that allows you to find odd jobs near you. Typically, you’ll be asked to check on a store display, do a price check, or do a consumer survey. The jobs pay from $3 to $12 and are mostly within the United States. Gigwalk is a similar app that shows you jobs near you, paying anywhere from $3 to $100.

In Tourist Areas, Seek Out Hostels, Bars, and Restaurants for Work

how to make money traveling by working at a restaurant

Hostels, hotels, bars, and restaurants in tourist areas will always have a need for an extra set of hands. Especially if it’s during the high season, you can spend a day popping in various restaurants and hostels to see if they need someone like you for a job. From waiting tables to manning a hostel desk, if you have multilingual skills, these positions can be even easier to acquire. They’d still be happy to have you help out, even if you’re a tourist yourself.

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Reach Out to Tour Operators As You Travel

If you want to keep traveling for as long as possible but you can’t seem to find extra cash, tour operators might be the ticket to your success. Grab a list of tours where you’re traveling. Contact each one to see if they need help promoting themselves or even help in conducting their tours. You often won’t have to work long hours, and the work can be as simple as passing out flyers or putting snorkel masks away after dive trips.

Get Income From the Things You Own While You’re Away

how to make money traveling by renting your house

While you’re on the road, there is no reason everything you own back home has to sit around collecting dust. Your possessions have value, and you can use them to make money while you’re away. Just set things up so that your belongings back home pay for your trip without having to lift a finger!

Renting your house is a great way to pad your bank account and keep the good times rolling. If you have friends or acquaintances in need of a place to live, let them know you’re happy to rent your place. Otherwise, Airbnb is an excellent option.

Your car is another asset that can be a welcome source of income. There are services out there that can oversee the process and get you set up with hefty insurance. The two main ones are Turo and Getaround.

Sell Photos and Video Footage of Your Travels

how to make money traveling through travel photography

If you’re going to be documenting your journey anyway, there’s no reason not to try and monetize your efforts. Platforms like Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, and Foap are always looking for more material, and, if you’ve got an eye for a good shot, it’s worth sending some of your work their way. If you have a GoPro, then consider sending your videos in for their contests and prizes, which are open to professionals and amateurs alike.

Keep in mind that this is a competitive market and the quality of your photos will be a big factor in whether or not they’re accepted. As good as your smartphone photos may be, they aren’t as clear and vibrant as pictures from a proper camera. Consider making an investment in a more professional camera to give yourself the best chance of success.

Go Somewhere You Can Get A Working Holiday Visa

how to make money traveling even abroad

From Australia to South Korea, many countries around the world offer working holiday visas specifically designed for travelers hoping to earn a little cash during their trip. Visas are normally offered to residents of particular countries. Check online to see if you have a possible visa waiting for you at one of your destinations, or build your itinerary around the possibility of finding an official, legal job.

Having one of these visas in your hand can open up a lot of doors. Owners of legitimate businesses, like bars, restaurants, and summer camps, will be eager to hire you if they know they can do so without falling foul of the law. While these types of jobs are sometimes available under the table, your legal status will give you a significant edge over the competition during the hiring process.

Pick Some Seasonal Labor Work

how to make money traveling planting

There are countless seasonal jobs around the world, and workers are desperately sought after in a number of fields. From picking fruit to working in construction, you could find work of a seasonal nature if you time your travels and play your cards right.

Of all the possible answers to the question, “how to make money traveling?” this option, of course, calls for some of the most difficult work on the part of the traveler. It’s also likely to be highly rewarding, as you’ll get the chance to experience a new type of job in an unfamiliar environment. Plus, a hard day’s work can make for some pretty sweet relaxing afterward, and you’ll be able to relax in style with your day’s wages in your pocket.

Make Money From Your Musical Ability

how to make money traveling playing music

If you’re musically inclined, then you have a unique opportunity to make some money on the road. Talented musicians are hardly a dime a dozen, and with a little ingenuity and gumption, you can monetize your talents almost anywhere in the world.

Busking is one of the most obvious (and fun) ways to turn your skills into bills. Find a public space, put out a hat or a bucket, and get playing! Not only will you pick up some money from the generous passersby, but you’ll also add to the charm and vibrancy of the neighborhood.

If you’d prefer something more private, consider offering lessons in your instrument of choice. Music is enjoyed around the world, and no matter where you are, you’re likely to find someone interested in taking lessons. Post notices online and around town until you have enough students to pay your way.

Have you earned an income while traveling? Share your tips for finding some extra cash on the road.

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