When you’re on the road, things can get lonely. Sure, you must have had high expectations of meeting awesome people on your travels, but maybe you’re just a bit shy and sometimes find yourself behind a book at the youth hostel or perhaps all by yourself at the local bar.

But what if finding interesting people was as easy as a few clicks?

If you want to meet and enjoy great experiences with other travelers, or locals, but don’t want it to be awkward or uncomfortable, then here’s a few useful apps that can totally change the game for you.


While based on the same user interface as hook-up apps like Tinder, Jetzy (available on iTunes and Google Play) digs a bit deeper to help you travel like a local. You can find you people who have similar travel interests, be it checking out whacky museums, scouting out old buildings, enjoying theater, or hiking.

Party with a Local

As the name implies, you basically get to connect with others in your locale who like to let their hair down and partay! You get to be picky and set what kind of scene you’re into, whether it’s just for drinks or hitting a few nightclubs. The app is available for free download for Apple and Android users.


Nothing brings people together like food, and this website (coming soon as an app for both Apple and Android) lets you search for skilled hosts who will prepare a local meal for you right in their homes for a reasonable price. With unique dining locations and hosts in top cities like Tokyo, Prague, Berlin, and Barcelona, you’ll find plenty of new friends, laughter, and conversation around the table.


While also offering romantic connections, Skout’s Travel option (aimed at people looking for travel buddies) gives you the chance to make new friends so you can keep things platonic but also fun while traveling. You get to see what locals are up to in neighborhoods you visit and see if there’s anyone close by who’s up for joining you at a sporting event, a concert, or a tourist attraction. The app is available for download on iTunes as well as Google Play.


Whether it’s finding below-the-radar spots that only the locals know about or meeting a travel buddy who shares similar tastes, Tripr (free download for Apple and Android users) is a useful app that is solely aimed at travelers who want to enrich their travel experiences with tips, activities, and companionship on the road.

Have you used an app that has helped you meet fellow travelers and locals in a new city or country? Tell us about it in the Comments section.






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