This summer, the United States celebrates a big birthday – 237! To commemorate this milestone, CheapOair has put together an Infographic that brings us back to colonial times, and gives us a little deeper dive into the logistics of Independence Day. We took an in-depth look at population trends, first and foremost.  Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence the United States has seen a population increase of 12,548%!  That’s over 52% per year.

Ever wonder how long it would take to get to our top destinations in 1776?  The predominant mode of transportation back in the day was horse and buggy.  At an average speed of 8-10 miles per hour, a 3 hour flight from NYC to Fort Lauderdale turns into an excruciating 13 days.  Forget about that 5 hour flight to Vegas – you’d be in that buggy for 26 days!  Almost a month!   Let’s not forget about price, though.  An average ticket to San Francisco today will set you back about $500.  However, in 1776, you’d be spending a mere $17.25.  Can you really put a price on convenience, though?  Well maybe you can.  In 2012, over $200 million worth of fireworks were imported from China to the US.  Now that’s worth every penny!

4th of July Then and Now by CheapOair




4th of July Then and Now by CheapOair

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