4 Can't-Miss Landmarks in Aruba. Photo credit: Charu Suri 

Many people who visit;Aruba for the first time are surprised
to find that the 75 square mile island can pack so much. Aruba is easily done
in a weekend if you’re particularly ambitious, and there are quite a few
historic, adventurous and natural sights to take in.

Here are some can’t-miss landmarks.


California Lighthouse
You might think that Aruba has a lighthouse named after a US
State, but this structure was named after the S.S. California, which was a
sunken ship before the lighthouse was constructed in 1910. So, it is fairly
new, and was designed with the purpose of protecting ships at sea.

Visit the nearby California Sand Dunes, which is a nice
family attraction, and dine at the Faro Blanco restaurant which features
brilliant views of the horizon.

Arikok National Park
and Caves

The immense National Park is a great ride via ATV with the
sun on your face and the breeze on your back. It takes up about 18 percent of
the island, and is filled with desert cacti, and has lava formations. Hike on
the many trails here, or visit the several limestone caves to see pictographs.

Aloe Vera Factory

One of Aruba’s chief exports, aloe vera is everywhere on
this desert island that gets less than 12 inches of rainfall annually.  The plant was introduced to the island in 1840,
and now it is a thriving industry at the Hato plantation.

Natural Pool

While not technically a beach, the natural pool, as its name
implies, lies on one end of Arikok National Park, along a deserted coastline is
a natural, rock-enclosed pool known locally as “conchi” or “Cura di Tortuga.”
It is best reached via foot or a 4×4 vehicle, but be prepared to get sprayed by
the ocean’s advances as you sit or swim within the shallow pool. 


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Photo credit: Charu Suri;

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