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Take in a Live Show at Red Rocks!

If you’re not familiar with the term “20-something,” you’re probably not a “20-something.” Nonetheless, it means that confusing and experimental age that is turning into the Quarter Life Crisis. Luckily, for most 20-somethings, they can enjoy their time, especially in Denver where city youths are extremely happy. There is plenty to eat, drink and be merry when visiting or living in Denver, so why not spend some time and enjoy?

Drink: Gatsby's

Fans of American Literature will be familiar with the upcoming movie "The Great Gatsby,” based on the epic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's one of those books you read in High School, but will appreciate in college. Channel your inner Gatsby at his namesake bar in Denver-where a relaxing speakeasy is here for you to play. The drinks menu goes beyond your "Long Island Iced Teas" and "Cranberry Vodkas.” Grow up and enjoy drinks like Daisy's Red Rose- Pinot Noir topped with fruity infuses and cola, or enjoy The Man in the White Linen Suit- Sauvignon Blanc mixed with white grapefruit and lime.

Eat: Sushi Den

Being a 20-something means exploring and it’s nice to know your tastes buds can go beyond Domino’s Pizza and microwavable dinners. Enjoy fine decadence and fresh eats at Sushi Den. Even though Colorado is a landlocked state, the owners at Sushi Den bring seafood from Japan to San Francisco and straight to Denver to take your sushi experience to the next level. This can easily become your place to go for a fun Friday night out with friends; simply because their extensive sushi menu will keep you coming back for more.

Dance: Cowboy Lounge

New York is famous for its late night clubs and Miami is known for its hot night life on the beach front. We can only wonder what Denver is most famous for when you're looking for a night out. Take a trip to the Wild, Wild, West at Cowboy Lounge- the only country western bar in Downtown Denver. Strap on your boots and get ready to dance differently to classic rock and pop mixed with country hits. You can't help getting caught up in all the ridiculous fun, especially with weekend drink specials for under $5- perfect for the budget college student.

Learn: CELL – The Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab:

Most 20-somethings today will remember the awful events of 9-11. We live in a world where terrorism is unfortunately a real threat. The CELL museum is dedicated to educating Americans about terrorism. Whether or not you were affected by the terrorist attacks doesn’t matter since a trip to the CELL museum is a must. This interactive multimedia exhibit uses strong media tactics to make visitors understand the importance and severity of the situation. It may inspire and motivate the youth to get involved in politics, or to watch CNN once in a while.

Enjoy: Red Rocks Amphitheater and Visitors Center:

Face it, 20-somethings love music with the availability of it on digital devices we can take with us everywhere. But, can you imagine rocking out to your favorite performer in the middle of nature? The Red Rocks Amphitheater is actually a theater constructed in a naturally-occurring red rock material. Colorado is well known for its diverse landscape and you will love the views and sights in this unique space. The structure itself allows for wicked acoustics so you can hear the best of your favorite musical artist.

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