Rob and Chris Taylor travel for a very important reason: to learn, yes, but also to teach. The couple, who are the bloggers behind parenting site 2 Travel Dads, have two young sons who get to join their dads on trips across the country and around the world.

“Our passion as we travel with our kids is teaching them about nature and other cultures,” They said.

Though they’re based in the Seattle area, the family of four plans three or four big trips a year and makes the most of their weekends in the Pacific Northwest. Their website name, 2 Travel Dads, only shows part of their travel expertise – while they’re adept at traveling with two young children, the couple have been traveling their whole lives.

“Ever since we were kids we traveled, each of us differently and with our own families,” They said. “ We’ve now been together for twelve years and haven’t stopped.”

Basically, they know a thing or two about travel. They’ve gone everywhere from camping solo in the backcountry to traveling with a group of friends through Mexico to taking their kids down the Florida coast. But, like any trip, lots of experience doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing will go wrong.

“We went up into the Sierra Nevadas in the spring on a road trip with the kids and didn’t bring any winter clothes… And then got stuck on a mountainside in a snow storm, scrambling to put chains on the car while other cars slid down the mountain at us,” They said, recounting their latest travel blunder.

Those sorts of mistakes are one reason why they blog about their travel – to let people know that travel may not always go exactly as planned, but that it’s definitely worth the fails to get to those unforgettable moments.

“Before we had kids we took a road trip into Baja California, Mexico. We flew into San Diego, borrowed camping equipment (if you could call it that) from a friend and crossed the border,” They said. “We drove through tiny towns, stopping at secluded beaches, eating our way southward and enjoying every torta and crab burrito we could get our hands on. We ended the journey with a stay in a nearly deserted camping area called Cielito Lindo, and it was really that.”

Their readers love following the family through national parks, picturesque coasts, and electric cities… With tons of entries written from the perspective of traveling solo, as a couple, as part of the LGBT community, and, more recently, as parents.


“There are very few gay families sharing their travel stories and showing others in the LGBT community new and exciting places they can travel to and have an amazing time, feeling perfectly welcome (or not),” They said, adding, “We’re happy to share and normalize our family structure.”

Beyond normalizing their family set-up, their blog also aims to let their followers know that travel is accessible for anyone and everyone.

“Traveling is as expensive as you make it, and no matter where you go, you’ll come across friendly people who are ready to help you or guide you to a great experience,” They advised. “You can take a weekend away and just leave your town or even play tourist at home.”

For travelers who are also parents, they gave another piece of advice.

“If you have kids, you better start hitting the road now,” They said. “Travel does become more costly as the kids grow up and they’ll also be more strong willed about participating fully. Get the kids used to it now and they’ll naturally enjoy traveling all their lives.”

Mostly, they noted, travel is all about getting out of your comfort zone – a thing that they know might be easier said than done. For people who need an extra word of encouragement to get past the fear of being uncomfortable, they have an adventure in mind.

“Travel overseas; get off a plane in a place with nothing written in English where you can’t understand a single word you’re hearing,” They said. “People will see your confusion and help you; the world isn’t out to pickpocket you or turn you into the next installment of Taken. You’ll gain much more from the experience than you’d expect!”

Ultimately, Rob and Chris travel to teach their sons how to find comfort in the sometimes uncomfortable moments of being on the road.

“We make a point of being in the great outdoors as much as possible, and we don’t hesitate to take them to unseemly places or locations that we might not fit in exactly.”

Truly, the world is our greatest classroom. And the 2 Travel Dads aren’t afraid to make the most of it.

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