We all have those wacky things that we think twice about: making sure not to walk under a ladder, spilling salt then tossing it over our left shoulder, changing shirts when our team is tied with a minute left in the basketball game to change the feng shui. You know, normal things. Turns out, superstitions are super prevalent all around the world – with each different culture putting stock in different seemingly kooky urban legends. Check them out and see if you’ve committed some grave superstition error!

In China


The number four is considered to be very unlucky because it sound like the Chinese word for death – some buildings even skip the fourth floor to avoid bad luck!

In Rwanda…


Women are warned of the dangers of eating goat meat- the story goes, if you eat it, you’ll sprout some unsightly facial hair!

In Italy


In the Italian city of Verona – of Romeo and Juliet fame – it is known that to grab the right breast of Juliet’s bronze statue will bring the grabber luck in love (either that, or a swift slap should that move be tried elsewhere).

In Russia…


Watch out if you buy a host flowers to thank them for their generosity – be sure to avoid an even amount of stems and yellow flowers, as these symbolize death and infidelity.

In Argentina…


Former President Carlos Menem is considered to be a living curse after contributing to the country’s crippling recession. When his name is spoken aloud, women often touch their left breast and men their left – erm – part of their nether-regions to ward off the bad luck.

In Senegal…


It is believed that when you speak of your travel plans, they will surely be ruined – so keep those lips tight! We hope our friends and family will be okay if we just leave a note: “BRB, Went 2 Morocco.”

In France…


Stepped in dog poo lately? According to the French, it’s good luck if you stepped in it with you left foot, but bad luck if your right foot was the culprit.

In Peru


Want a peek inside the spirit world? At Machu Pichu, it is said that some people who rub their foreheads on the ancient Intihuatana Stone can see into the other world.

In Spain…


On the New Year, instead of kisses and champagne, the Spanish eat twelve grapes to signify twelve months of good luck. Do twelve glasses of wine count?

In India…


If you notice your unruly nails after dark, refrain from cutting them! This practice is said to bring bad luck to the after-dark clipper.

In Denmark…


If you break a dish in Denmark, you don’t throw it away. You save it to throw at your friends’ and family’s houses to wish them good luck on New Year’s Eve!

In North America…


Try to avoid stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, as it’s said to bring bad luck (and possible broken backs)!

In Bulgaria…


Don’t worry if you get pooped on by a bird! It’s meant to bring good luck. So, there’s your silver lining.

In Turkey…


Need fresh breath after dark? Tough break. After dark, gum turns into actual human flesh. Maybe just brush your teeth for that minty fresh, human-flesh-less breath.

In Vermont…


Windows on the second floor are slanted to prevent witches from being able to fly into homes. That should do it.

Do you know of any more superstitions that didn’t make the list? Let’s talk about them in the comments!

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