Sure, when you think of the holiday season, you think of cuddling up in the comfort of your own home with some cocoa in your favorite mug, a classic holiday film on the TV, and your family and friends nearby. But take a moment to imagine yourself in a different holiday setting: perhaps you’re wandering around the many holiday markets in Europe or staring up at the Northern Lights in frigid Finland or re-reading your tattered copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire with a view of humpback whales breaching in the sunny distance. Trust us, there are plenty of reasons — both practical and daydreamy — to ditch the fam this holiday season and opt to globetrot instead. Here are just a few:

Airfare Abroad Is Way Cheaper in December

Like wayyy cheaper than if you took the trip in July.

The Louvre Will Be Your Oyster

…And every other huge tourist attraction, too.

Spending the holidays away from home? Here’s how to keep the magic in your holidays abroad!

Traveling Is Basically a Giant Brain Reboot

Go on, unplug from the Matrix and relax a little.

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Switch Snowy Commutes for Sunny Skies

If you’re not as into a White Christmas as Bing Crosby is, head to sunny (and cheap!) retreats like Mexico, the Azores, South Africa or Australia.

Experience Holiday Traditions That Differ From Your Own

In Barcelona, there is a Christmas tradition called, “Feeding the poop log“. Google it, kids.

Eat Food Other Than Your Aunt’s Perfectly Moist Pumpkin Pie

We know, we know. Nothing will ever be the same. Unless you’re eating a feast of Czech Christmas sweets. NOW nothing will ever be the same.

Feel a Little Closer to the Roots of These Holidays

Probably don’t try to survive in a cave with only a day’s worth of oil, though.

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Get Slammin’ Deals on Hostels, Hotels, and B&Bs

Hoteliers looking to break even are willing to lower rates considerably — all you’ve got to do is ask.

Feel Like You’re Living in a Fairytale Every Day Abroad

We swear you’re not starring in a film as you saunter down the picturesque South Bank.

Ugh, Do You Really Need Another Reason?

You know you just wanna book a flight already.

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