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First class tips on Landing a First-Class Seat

Have you ever wanted to fly first class? Of course you did! With perks like unlimited alcohol, plenty of leg room and comfy seats, who wouldn’t like to fly this way? But unfortunately if you’re like most travelers, the privilege of sitting up front is just not in the cards. But with some persistence, a little luck and by following these 10 steps, you could find yourself upgraded to V.I.P. treatment 30,000 feet in the air.


Family Ties: Whether it is a close friend or your sister’s boyfriend’s uncle’s daughter’s associate, chances are you know someone working in the airline industry. Ask around and find out if anyone in your circle has an in with a particular airline.


Join Airline Clubs: One of the quickest ways to become a
first-class traveler is by being loyal to a particular airline. By
continously using a certain carrier and enrolling in their frequent
fliers club, you will better your chances at sitting among the elite in
no time.


Use Your Status To Your Advantage: Did you know by simply getting your travel agent or airline to place OSI (Other Significant Information) on your ticket, it could assist in getting you an upgrade. Some OSI that can help your chances is if you’re a travel agent, travel writer, CEO or someone of a high stature that might bring in more business to the airline.


Use Your Miles: Have you been saving all those airline miles in order to fly for free round-trip on your next vacation? Well why not use the miles instead to take a one-way first-class trip and pay domestic coming home or vice versa. As long as specific seats are still available on the flight you’re looking to book, you could easily find yourself flying first-class for free.


Arrive Early: If you have elite status with a certain airline, show up to check-in before everyone else and request an upgrade if seats are available.


Purchase Your Upgrade: Similar to purchasing Broadway Show for less on the day of the performance, most airlines will sell you their unsold first-class tickets at a discount. So instead of forking over $1,500 for first-class tickets, you can buy a cheaper domestic ticket and then pay extra at the airport.


Bumped Passenger Privilege: Airlines often times overbook their planes, so when they have more passengers than seats available, they ask some customers to take the next available flight. If you step up and volunteer your services, it may pay off in the end. Most airlines offer a free round-trip flight and cash for your troubles. But when they wind up not using you as a bumped passenger after you waited around for them, the airline might reward you with a gift for your time. Asking for an upgrade on that flight or a future flight is probably a good idea since the airline owes you one.


Fill That Empty Seat: Right before the plane is about to take off, ask the flight attendant if any first-class seats are available. If you’re lucky enough to be flying with an honest and nice airline employee than he or she may whisk you away from coach and up to the front of the plane. Now while this is a tough deal to come by, if you have a good enough excuse (i.e. need more room due to an injured leg or passenger next to you is too loud), you may actually be able to convince them that you’re worth the V.I.P. treatment.


Know The Code:  Did you know that by requesting a domestic ticket with a Y-UP fare code, it could better your chances of being upgraded to first-class? Of course you will have to pay a little extra for that ticket, but if you’re looking to live it up for less, this is a good way to attempt that status. Y-UP fares are never available for international flights.


Dress The Part: Similarly to “dress for the job you want, not the job you have,” airlines will probably take you more seriously if you arrive to the airport in a suit and tie compared to a baseball cap and ripped jeans. Play the part of a first-class passenger and you may soon be schmoozing with other sharp dressed men and women.


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