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Visit the Lone Red Seat at Fenway Park while in Boston

The midsized city of Boston has truly made a name for itself, despite its popular neighbor a few hundred miles south.  It is where Puritans sought religious freedom, where wars for independence were fought and where politics are deeply rooted in the city’s rich history. Don't be fooled by thinking there is nothing behind the city but brains; it is also a cultural center and a youthful, up and coming city.

Freedom Trail: Imagine walking down the same historical path that American revolutionary leaders marched on for freedom. Walking the Freedom Trail is probably the first thing you should do in Boston. This 2.5 mile red-brick walk leads you on a trip back in time to 16 national historical locations. Some official sites include the Benjamin Franklin statue, the Massachusetts State House and the site of the Boston Massacre.

Samuel Adam’s Brewery: If you're a fan of Sam, then a trip to the Samuel Adams Brewery is already high on your list. Experience the brewing process of this well known American beer during a free tour, on which you'll get to sample a few of their unique blends.


USS Constitution Museum: Celebrating over 200 years of existence, the USS Constitution is the oldest floating naval vessel. George Washington named the ship after the famous document; since then, it’s been used in many wars and currently calls Boston (cheap flights to Boston) its home.

Boston Common: If New York has Central Park, then "the Common", a central public park, is Boston’s equivalent. Dating back to 1634, it is the oldest city park in the United States.  It was once used to hang witches, shelter soldiers during the American Revolution and house famous protests for the Vietnam War. Today, it serves as a common ground for formal or informal gatherings.

Fenway Stadium: One of American's favorite pastimes is enjoying a good baseball game in the summer. We won't get into the Yankees and Red Sox rivalry, but it is crucial for any baseball fan to enjoy this legendary stadium. To date, it is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium currently in use. Make sure to check out The Lone Red Seat in the bleacher section where Ted Williams hit the longest home run.

Bunker Hill Monument: If you're a fan of heights and fantastic views, you'll gladly appreciate the Bunker Hill Monument. After climbing 294 steps, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of Boston.


Union Oyster House: Since Boston has so much history behind its name, one should expect the oldest restaurant in the United States to be located here. The Union Oyster House opened its doors in 1826, serving famous people such as the Kennedy´s and Daniel Webster. You can get your fill of delicious New England delicacies such as oysters, lobster and of course, New England clam chowder.

Harvard Square: Named after the most prestigious Ivy League University, Harvard Square is the center of fun and excitement in Boston. Keep yourself busy with arts and entertainment, especially in the summer when you can find theatric performances, book shops and art museums.

Old Trolley Tour: With so many fantastic sights to see, it’s advantageous to take a Boston sightseeing tour. With many diverse streets and landmarks, it is easy to spend a day touring the city on wheels. You can hop on and off to enjoy sites you´d like to spend more time at while still being able to enjoy the rest of the tour later. One can probably enjoy the entire list of things to do during this one trolley ride!

Cape Cod: When the city of Boston has you a little worn out, follow the locals to The Cape. Located on the Eastern coast of Massachusetts, close to the city of Boston, enjoy a beautiful stretch of seashore while sailing, whale watching and doing other outdoor activities.


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