Washington D.C. landscape (Flickr: Rob Shenk)
There's always plenty to do in the nation's capital

Big named cities in the United States can be overwhelming destinations. Tourists know these cities are filled with attractions to keep them busy on a weekend trip or even a three-month stay. Besides visiting popular attractions, it might be difficult to dig deeper in a big city to penetrate to where the locals hang out. The nation's capital is well known for its historical monuments and cultural retrospect back into time, but it is also a haven for aboriginal tourist attractions.


Newseum: Staring at the interesting architecture of the Newseum building may be enough for a visitor to Washington D.C. Step inside and enter an interactive museum of news and journalism. News buffs and writers will appreciate galleries featuring historical dedications towards the world of interactive media. One of the best permanent exhibits is the 9/11 exhibit exploring the terror attacks through photography.


National Cherry Blossom Festival: Although technically not an exact place, if you happen to visit the area during the Springtime, you're in for a treat. The National Cherry Blossom Festival held the first weekend Cherry Blossoms bloom celebrates a traditional gift from Japan to the Americas back in 1912. Fans of beautiful pink flowers and a huge festival to celebrate it will especially enjoy.


Georgetown University: Washington D.C. is filled with history in many of its historical landmarks. Visiting Georgetown University will bring tourists to another one of these gorgeous landmarks. Known as the Oldest Catholic University in America, the prestigious University is a gorgeous campus to awe in itself.


National Archives: Don't do what Nicholas Cage did in "National Treasure" and attempt to steal the Declaration of Independence because you probably won't get away with it. If you're looking to view more historical documents such as the Bill of Rights or to trace your family history, a trip to the National Archives is a must.


Amsterdam Falafel Shop: Every city has its must try dish and for the nation's capital, it is hard to pinpoint their national dish. Unofficially, the Amsterdam Falafel House should take a nod at winning this bid. In the past year, the late night, budget friendly venue announced they were going national. Until then, you'll have to make at trip to Washington D.C. For a little bit of Amsterdam in The United States.


Union Station: For nearly a decade, Union Station has been the gateway to President Obama's home city. This transportation hub is a major link to the Metro system. Distract yourself from crowds by shopping or dining in this historical station.


Smithsonian Castle: Most tourists are familiar with the idea of the Smithsonian Institute. Located on the National Mall, the actual building is a beautiful and historical castle and a National landmark. It is the main location of the visitor center where you can find more information about the free museums.


Rock Creek Park: If you're unable to find the famous stars of D.C. such as The President, you might want to try to look for other stars. Take a visit to Rock Creek Park for outdoor activities and a planetarium operated by the National Park service.


National Arboretum: If the scenic Cherry Blossoms weren't enough, the National Arboretum is the best place for gorgeous greens. The 446-acre museum features gardens, bonsai trees, azaleas and the perfect gateway for a breath of fresh air and relaxation while strolling around nature.


The Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage:
The best things in life are free and so is a performance at The Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage. Every evening at 6pm, various acts such as jazz musicians, local poets or gospel groups perform for the local public. 

Flickr: Rob Shenk

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