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Disney World travel tips 

Know before you go! Useful Disney World travel tips.


Every year, hundreds of thousands of families from all over the world make their way to Orlando, Florida for a Walt Disney World vacation. It’s one of those vacation destinations that every family needs to experience at least once. With so much to see and do, the details can get overwhelming. Here are ten tips to save you time and money on your next Disney World family vacation:


1. Bring or Buy a Stroller: Disney stroller rentals are expensive. Currently, it is $15/day to rent a single stroller and $31/day for a double. Over the course of a week, those numbers really add up. If you can’t take one with you, consider purchasing an affordable umbrella stroller once you arrive and donate it when you are finished- you’ll still save money.


2. Use Disney Transportation: One of the biggest benefits of staying at a Walt Disney World Resort is having access to their complimentary transportation system, including the Magical Express. Travelers arriving by air at the Orlando International Airport (MCO), get free bus transportation to and from their resort.


3. Pack Cheap Ponchos: Stop by your local $1 store before your trip and pick up rain ponchos for everyone in your party. Even though the forecast calls for sunny skies, an afternoon rain shower should always be expected. The good news is Florida rain comes and goes very quickly, but that dollar poncho will have you covered and save you money in the parks.


4. Make Disney Dining Reservations in Advance: If you want to eat at any restaurant on Disney property–especially character meals–you must make a reservation in advance. Right now you can book a table as far out as 180 days.


5. Wear Comfortable Shoes: First timers may underestimate the size of the Walt Disney World Resort, which covers 47 square miles. Obviously, heels are out. Flips flops and Crocs are popular, but after prolonged wear can cause blisters on heels and toes. The best choice is a comfortable, well-worn sneaker.


6. Stay Hydrated: One of the key elements of making it through a long day at Disney World is to stay hydrated. While you could buy or bring your own bottled water, free ice water available at any counter service location- no purchase required.


7. Bring Snacks for the Kids: Disney World is full of tempting treats. While it’s great to indulge in a Mickey Bar or popcorn, you’ll want to pack some snacks for all the other times you have to say “No” to your kids. Cheese crackers and fruit snacks are both lightweight and easy to pack.


8. Learn the Location of the Baby Care Center: We all know traveling with infants and babies can be a challenge. What happens if you run out of diapers or formula? Or just need a quiet place to rest? Disney has the traveling mom covered with a Baby Care Center stationed at each park. Here you can feed, change and purchase items needed for baby at no cost.


9. Write Down your Parking Lot Location: I know it seems silly, but parking lots at the Disney Parks are massive. Text or write your lot name, row and space number and keep it with you. It will save you time and frustration after a long day.


10. Take Advantage of Disney’s FASTPASS: No one likes waiting in lines. Disney has a great system for avoiding long wait times called FASTPASS. Every major attraction has a FASTPASS sign that lets you know what time you can return and enjoy the ride with a minimal wait. You then insert your park admission ticket into the machine and out pops a ticket with your time to return. You wouldn’t believe how many people neglect to use this free service.

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    Personally I prefer comfortable, cushioned flip flops or sandals. With the unpredictable rain and wet water rides like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids, I find walking around in wet socks to be a terrible experience, and can lead to athlete’s foot.


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