Would You Turn Down Free Tickets to Japan?


In effort to spike tourism and finally get over the hump and finally rebound from all the disasters they faced, the Japan tourism board is offering 10,000 free flights to Japan.
As you might expect the freebie does come with a catch, not a big one though, all you have to do is write a report about your trip, which would then be published online.
You will however have to cover the rest of your own expenses.
If you’re itching to apply for that free flight to Japan, you will have to wait until April of next year when the online applications become available.
According to the AOL Travel report, the Japan tourism board will select winners by the beginning of the summer.

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  1. lee

    yeah right Tom! your just trying to phych us all out so you can try to get those free tickets for your self. well i apload your efforts my friend but its not going to work on this guy!


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