Los Angeles is the perfect city to look for antique items for gift giving, home and office.

The Best Places to Antique in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the perfect city to look for antique items for gift giving, home and office. Due to its high number of estates and well-to-do individuals, private collections are often placed up for sale. Smart shoppers know that items of historical and collectible value are constantly placed before the public. All it takes is a knowledge of the right shop, to find that sought after piece of jewelry or one of a kind collection of art that has just come up for sale.

Helping Hand Thrift Shop


Helping Hand Thrift Shop

This unique and interesting thrift shop is located in the Little Ethiopia area of Los Angeles. In addition to cafes serving Ethiopian cuisine, it is the lucky shopper that happens upon this business that has been family owned and operated for over 20 years. They specialize in both antique and modern items, including original handmade jewelry and accessories. Their collection includes antiques from just about every corner of the globe. This thrift paradise is located at 1033 South Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

The Sherman Oaks Antique Mall

This suburban store functions as a mall filled with section after section of antique goods. Shoppers can literally stroll through decades of merchandise to see and learn about a wide cross-section of Hollywood. They stock jewelry, wearable accessories and home décor. A large collection of novelty nick-knacks, classic advertising signs and statutes are displayed as well. This antiquary is located at 14034 Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks.

Toulouse Antiques

If you like finding antiques with touch of France, this antique shop is for you. Located on trendy Melrose Avenue, you’ll find estate pieces mixed with antiques that bear a distinct European influence. Should you need assistance, helpful shop associates are always willing to search for that special something you desire. The store is located at 8459 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood.

I.M. Chait Auctions and Gallery


I.M. Chait Auctions and Gallery

Just steps from the exclusive shopping enclave of affluent Beverly Hills, is this all-inclusive antiques store. Large Bel Air and Beverly Hills estates are literally auctioned off by this company. This gives shoppers a chance to pick up one of a kind pieces of art, furnishings and select pieces of “Old Hollywood.” Regular customers are invited to auctions and sales on a regular basis, so it pays to stop in and say “hello” to the owners at their shop when you’re in town. The gallery is located at 9330 Civic Center Drive in Beverly Hills.

Novotnys Antiques

This unique antique store features accessories and furnishings from some of Pasadena’s oldest estates. Fine jewelry is displayed along with china, silver and other delicate pieces. Furniture and lamps from a variety of decades are available as well. It definitely pays to visit Pasadena just to check out what their shop has to offer. The shop is located at 2552 East Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.

The Detelich Arts and Crafts Gallery


This antiques store is well known on the West Side of LA for its large collection of period furniture and household items. Shoppers will find antique pieces by furniture designer Stickley, as well as designer Handel inspired lighting fixtures. Elegantly displayed, all of their antiques are priced to inspire both new and experienced collectors. The store is located at 1654 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica.

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