If you’re looking for a mini-vacation that doesn’t take up all your hard-earned vacation time, a quick day trip is right up your alley.

5 Exciting Day Trips From Los Angeles

It’s always fun to get away, but sometimes a traditional vacation just isn’t in the cards. Who has time to take a whole week off work these days? If you’re looking for a mini-vacation that doesn’t take up all your hard-earned vacation time, a quick day trip is right up your alley. No need for an overly complicated itinerary here; just plan out your one day of fun! Here are some ideas for day trips near one of our favorite beautiful beach hubs: Los Angeles.

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Leo Carrillo State Beach

I mean, it’s LA right? We have to recommend at least one beach! So why this one? Leo Carrillo State Beach is a little over a mile long, featuring some neat sea caves and tide pools. There’s a small visitor center here, featuring information about what you might find on the beach. Guided nature tours, campfire nights, picnic areas, and more make this a well-rounded beach for a solo visit or a family getaway. Whether you just want to walk along enjoying the salty air alone or want to create a learning experience for the kiddos, you can do that here.

Huntington Library

A library, you say? Where’s the fun in that? Well, in addition to having some incredible art pieces and historic tomes inside, the Huntington Library in LA features a beautiful botanical garden spanning more then 120 acres. Interested now? We thought so. You can find plants and flowers from all different biomes here, including desert and jungle. The garden also has Japanese and Chinese gardens available to walk through. Don’t forget the camera!

Griffith Park

(Image via Flickr CC - Philip Hayward)
(Image via Flickr CC – Philip Hayward)

Looking for something a little more active? Griffith Park has over 53 miles of trails and roads just waiting to explore. Walk, jog, or cycle your way to beautiful overlooks giving you panoramic views of the city. Want to see the beauty without getting sweaty? Griffith Park also has trails for riding horseback. We highly recommend if you visit this park, pack a delicious picnic lunch to eat by Crystal Springs. Other activities like the zoo and observatory are here too, so you can absolutely make this take up your whole day.

The Dresden Restaurant

On your day trip. road trip, you could eat anywhere. There’s no shortage of restaurants in LA! But wouldn’t you rather eat somewhere with a little history? Add eating at the Dresden Room to your itinerary. Featured in Swingers and That Thing You Do, this restaurant also holds its own thanks to amazing food, including veal marsala and filet mignon. Head there after 9 PM to enjoy some classic jazz music.

Rooftop Cinema Club

In the evening, enjoy the best of both worlds; sit and relax while enjoying that perfect Los Angeles weather at Rooftop Cinema Club, a cushy outdoor movie theater. In luxury lawn chairs set up on the roof of the Montálban building, you can watch recent hits like the new Star Wars or classic films like Casablanca.

Los Angeles has a lot to offer, whether you’re an LA veteran or just a visitor. Where are your favorite places to go in LA? If we left out your favorite must-visit spot, let us know in the comments!

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