Hunting for Donuts in Los Angeles

Let’s face it. Every city has a baked good to call their own. Boston is known for their lushly filled blueberry muffins, New York City is the home of “Black and White cookies” and New Orleans is the ultimate destination for freshly fried beignets. Meanwhile, Los Angeles enjoys a long-time association with the humble donut. Luckily finding incredible donuts right in the LA metropolitan area is not a fantasy, only a short stroll, car drive or Metro ride away.

Donut Farm

Donut Farm

While I’m a city girl, there’s a side of me that longs to spend time down on the farm. But no ordinary farm, where corn grows, cows moo and roosters rise at dawn. To these ends, Donut Farm in Silver Lake is the closest thing to my agrarian dream. Vegan donuts baked daily with organic ingredients and fresh fruit. Nibble on a salted caramel donut or feast on a banana filled fritter, imagining a real farm where there’s nothing but straight sweet rows of pastry planted far into the horizon. Donut Farm can be found at 2609 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.


Combine the words “faux” and “donuts” and what do you get? Fonuts! Unlike traditional donuts, Fonuts lives by their proud motto: “baked and/or steamed, never fried.” If one has allergies, this is definitely the place to grab some doughy delights. All of their creations are vegan and made from gluten free almond flour. Created on the premises, customers flock to devour such originals as Strawberry Buttermilk, Coconut Passion Fruit and Blueberry Earl Grey. Fonut fans also enjoy more savory selections like Rosemary Olive Oil and Chorizo Cheddar. Fonuts can be found at 8104 West 3rd Street in Los Angeles.

Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts

Bob's Coffee and Doughnuts

Located in the Original Farmer’s Market, Bob’s Donuts is literally a local institution. And it’s no wonder, with dozens of freshly baked and fried “doughnuts” just waiting for your arrival. Classic flavors like Sugar Raised and Chocolate Glazed doughnuts join other well beloved favorites like crispy Bear Claws. Grab a chair and people watch, with your choice of brew and a pink “Hello Kitty” or green Dinosaur doughnut for company. This shop can be found at 6333 West 3rd Street in Los Angeles.

Just a short walk from the campus of the University of Southern California is Westwood Village. Here UCLA students from around the world come to pick up a few things before returning to campus. Of course, one of the most sought after items for any college student is a box of donuts. Which only proves the mathematical equation of higher education, academic success and a reserve of tasty treats to make it through all-night study sessions.

Stan’s Donuts

Situated in a small shop on a corner across from two movie theaters, Stan’s Donuts has been redefining donuts in Los Angeles for over 40 years. It was in this humble shop that new classics like the Peanut Butter Jelly donut, Chocolate Crumb and Peanut Butter Banana donut first made music. Certainly, Elvis Presley and your professors will approve of your selection. Stan’s Donuts is located at 10948 Weyburn Avenue in Los Angeles.

Are there any donut places in Los Angeles that we left out? Let us know in the comments!

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