A trip to L.A. would be incomplete without visiting at least one (although we say all 5!) of these Instaworthy L.A. dessert hot spots.

Los Angeles’ Most Instagrammable Desserts

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, right? Unless you’re in California and the ubiquitous raw cold press juices just aren’t satisfying your ever-present sweet tooth. Not to worry, we have the perfect solution that will not just boost your sugar levels but your Instagram likes too! Check out the best spots in Los Angeles to have your cake and take a great picture of it too!

The Instaglammer’s Daydream:

ice cream macaron sandwich at The Milk Shop

The Milk Shop (7290 Beverly Blvd. + 1639 Silver Lake Blvd.) http://www.themilkshop.com/
With locations in both Silver Lake and Mid-City, The Milk Shop is a must-try in L.A! Although their shakes and baked goods are delicious, you’ll find the best Instagram shot with their ice cream macaron sandwiches. Not only do inventive sandwich creations like the Coffee Toffee, Thai Iced Tea or Strawberry-Red Velvet look great, but many locals name The Milk Shop as their favorite ice cream joint in the area. If the lighting is right, the handful of tables outside might make for a great spot to capture the perfect picture!

The Droolworthy Insta:

Churros Calientes (11521 Santa Monica Blvd.) http://churroscalientes.com/
Although Churros Calientes offers other Spanish delicacies, we say the churros are the real reason to drop in. Using the most fresh and natural ingredients available, the customizable churros made to order at Churros Calientes feature scrumptious topping options like Nutella, chocolate, strawberry, sweet condensed milk, Dulce de Leche and guava cream cheese. You have the choice of one big piece of churro filled and topped, or six pieces of the organic flour golden brown churros. Both options make drool-worthy Instagrams with their artfully drizzled topping sauce!

The Sophisticated Insta:

Bottega Louie Macaroons

Bottega Louie (700 S. Grand Ave.) https://www.bottegalouie.com/
A restaurant, gourmet market, patisserie and café, Bottega Louie has a lot to offer. For those seeking optimal Insta likes, however, you’ll want to head straight over to the pastry counter. Known for their famous macarons, Bottega Louie prepares the French delicacy daily in small batches made with California almond flour and natural fresh fruit compotes, ganache and buttercreams. The trendy and buzzing atmosphere filled with natural light and high ceilings creates the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram. Suggested flavors include raspberry with dark chocolate ganache, strawberry buttercream, Earl Grey, pistachio and salted caramel. They definitely taste as good as they look!

The D.I.Y. Insta:

Donut Friend (5107 York Blvd.) http://donutfriend.com/wp3/
Located in the historic neighborhood of Highland Park, Donut Friend essentially lets you design your own Instagram! Set up like a frozen yogurt topping bar, the “D.I.Y. Donut” made-to-order menu allows customers to choose their own donut cake flavor, glaze, fillings and toppings! For those who are less imaginative, Donut Friend offers a suggested list of their signature compilations. The most popular one on Instagram is surprisingly simple. It’s called the “StrawberryLab” and features a traditional donut filled with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and topped with chocolate glaze. Who knows? Maybe your donut creation will be the next Instagram trend!

The Hipster Insta:

Alfred Coffee + Kitchen (multiple locations) http://alfredcoffee.com/
With soon to be six locations with the opening of the Studio City location in July, Alfred Coffee + Kitchen is a popular Los Angeles area establishment. The shops definitely have hip and trendy vibes and the “But first, coffee” large black and white decal on their walls have become an increasingly popular backdrop in the many posted Instagrams of artfully created lattes and cappuccinos. A fairly unknown order, however, and what we say should be the focus of your next Insta post, is the “Alfred Cone.” If you’re willing to pay an additional $5 (it will be worth it, we promise!) you can get a 4-ounce waffle cone with a milk chocolate dipped rim. Choose either an espresso or a macchiato to fill the inside and you have yourself an Instaworthy creation. Bottoms up!


No matter what kind of Instagrammer you might be, Los Angeles has something sweet for everyone! Which type of dessert is your favorite to Instagram? Did we miss your favorite L.A. sweet shop? Tell us in the comments below!

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