Ever wanted to fight pirates, solve a murder, or defuse a bomb in the middle of dinner? Here’s 5 great dinner theater/theme evenings that are sure to thrill!

Dinner Theater and Theme Evenings in Orlando

Dinner Theater and Theme Evenings in Orlando

Have you ever wanted to throw formal dining etiquette to the wind and spend an evening fighting pirates and solving murders? Grab your flights to Orlando to find a host of theme evening and dinner show options of this nature to pick from, where you can enjoy these and other adventuresome themes. Here are just five of the many choices available for your consideration.

Escapology Orlando

Escapology offers six different historical rooms to pick from; once you choose a room, you have an hour to uncover the clues you need to escape. The rooms are based on real or true-to-life historical events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and an Arizona shootout. Anywhere from two to six people can work together in a single room and the rooms are graded by difficulty level so beginners can choose simple, easy to solve puzzles while those who want a challenge can go for a difficult level room.

MindQuest Live

MindQuest Live has five escape rooms to pick from, including a brand new Haunting: Secret of the Mansion room. You can see trailers for a couple of these rooms online and each room is clearly graded by difficulty level to make it easy to pick a room that is most suitable for you. All the rooms have a modern theme, you have an hour to escape from any given room and teams from two to seven people are assigned to a room at a time.

room escape

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Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament

History buffs are sure to enjoy this four-course dinner and show, which includes a two-hour jousting tournament with six knights, pure Spanish horses, a falcon and real weapons. The castle where the event is held is opened 75 minutes before the show so you can take pictures and check out the Medieval Life Village & Museum (for the history buffs) before settling down. Three package options at varying price points are provided, as are vegetarian meals, allergy accommodations, and alcoholic beverages.

Two knights charging each other

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

This isn’t the place to visit if you want a calm evening. This interactive dinner show will require you to get off your seat, set sail on a real galleon and prepare to fight the evil Sebastian the Black. The show includes actors, singers, stunt performers, and a pirate mascot, and is appropriate not just for adults but kids as well. Custom add-ons are available to those who make this dinner event even more memorable than it already is.

A group of pirates acting out a scene

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show blends mystery with comedy and you never know when you’ll be called on to solve a crime. The show runs for 180 minutes and actors help various tables as they put together the clues to determine who the criminal mastermind is. Prizes are given to those who guess correctly but everyone gets to enjoy the mystery dessert at the end of the show.

Have you booked flights to Orlando to participate in any of these event evenings, or know of another fun event evening in the Orlando area that you’d like to tell us about? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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