Read on to discover our top picks for places to shop-till-you-drop in the City of Angels!

Your Guide to Shopping in Los Angeles

Your Guide to Shopping in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has a lot to offer visitors that simply cannot be experienced in many other locations in the United States. You probably already did a little research about LA and know some of the popular locations to shop that you want to see like the famous Sunset Strip or Hollywood Boulevard. Keep in mind that Hollywood Boulevard is near Universal City Walk and Universal Studios, so it would be a good idea to stop at those two locations while you are there.

While thoseĀ places are great, they are also well-known tourist locations. These places are definitely essential for anyone who wants the LA experience, but they should not be the only places you explore because the city of Los AngelesĀ has a lot more to offer! Read on to discover our top picks for places to shop-till-you-drop in the City of Angels!

Different Kinds of Shopping in Los Angeles

The star-city is a mecca of culture and people, which means that there is a little bit of everything to explore like some of the following:

A South of the Border Experience

One of the most overlooked procuring experiences is near Union Station (landmark train station). The place is known as Placita Olvera, and it is a small walk that lets you explore the Mexican-American culture first-hand.

You can get some churros, which are cinnamon fried bread sticks treats that are common in Mexico. These delights are made by hand and have that authentic taste that some people long for.

mariachi in the market

You might also be treated to a serenata played by a live mariachi band while you enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants at Placita Olvera.

There are a lot of stores in this walk that sell everything, from authentic Mexican ponchos to sombreros.

Thrift Store Shopping Run


Another great idea is to visit some of the great thrift stores in the city. You may not know it, but LA is known for good thrift stores where a lot hipsters and antique enthusiasts have found treasures. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity, so we encourage you to make a plan to visit some of the thrift stores in LA while you are visiting. One famous thrift store is called Out of the Closet, which has a few locations, though the most famous is on Sunset Blvd.

Thrift shopping

You should also make time to visit St. Vincent de Paul thrift store, which sits on N. Ave 21 right in the heart of Lincoln Heights. This place is known for unique and interesting furniture, not mention some interesting clothes.

Of course, there are other thrift stores to visit on the outskirts of LA county like in Long Beach or Bellflower. Be sure to check out these locations for a different kind of experience.

A Superstitious Stop

A special type of store that is also unique to LA is the botanica, which is sort of like a pharmacy with a bit of a twist. These types of stores offer essential oils and other alternative medicinal items that you are probably not going to find in other places. The thing that is special about these stores is they are rooted in Southern American superstitions. You will find items that can cure things like fear of public speaking or protecting you from jealousy. One of the famous botanicas in the LA is called Farmacia y Botanica Million Dollar in the middle of downtown LA on Broadway.

It is clear that LA is a place worth visiting, especially with some of the must-see spots we just mentioned. Still, there might others that we missed that you might discover when you come to LA. Tell us about anything that we missed in the comments!

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