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Thailand is called the Land of Smiles with good reason. It’s hard not to have fun when you visit this Southeast Asian nation. This is especially true for people visiting Thailand for the first time and heading there at an age when they can enjoy all the country has to offer with youthful vigor. For travelers in their 20’s, there are few destinations that can match what friendly Thailand has to offer.

Cheap flight deals, moonlit beach parties, endless natural beauty, and of course, the chili-laden cheap eats of the famous street food–a trip to the Land of Smiles won’t cost you a fortune. Instead, you’ll find a ton of opportunities to spend your money having a blast in one of the world’s most beautiful and welcoming places to visit.

So, if we haven’t convinced you of it already, here’s what makes Thailand so appealing for folks in their 20’s. Have a look!

You Can Stretch Your Travel Dollars Further

Whether you’re backpacking your way around the world on a gap year, making the most of a break between university semesters, or just starting out in a new career – you can stretch your travel dollars further in Thailand without having to settle for less.

Cheap flight deals aren’t the only bargain you’ll encounter when traveling to Thailand. Accommodations, food, drink, transportation, and most activities are priced well below what you’d pay elsewhere. Among the very best places to visit in Thailand, you’ll have options for inexpensive basic accommodation such as a hostel or if you’re more of a luxury resort kind of person, you’ll find a ton that will be a great value for money. And of course, who can forget the delicious street food sold for next to nothing. Even me-time treats like receiving a traditional massage can be a minor expenditure at less than US$10 at world-class sites such as the Way Pho temple complex in Bangkok (home to a giant reclining golden Buddha and one of the oldest and best massage schools in the world). Moreover, relaxing on the beach in Krabi, trekking around Chiang Mai, taking in the street life of Pattaya – is free to enjoy.

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Get Wild, Explore the Wilderness, Or Do Both!

Thailand is home to vast swathes of wilderness and a long, varied coastline dotted islands. So if you’re looking for an easy to “get away from it all” experience, you’ll definitely find it here. Be it a solo hike deep into the Khao Yai National Park to witness the majesty of the Haew Narok waterfall or an elephant safari near Phuket – Thailand has innumerable off-the-beaten-track nature spots to explore.

Of course, you can also go wild in the cities. Many a worldly party-goer will attest that Thai-style nightlife is second to none. Staff at clubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, hostels and more go out of their way to ensure guests have fun. If you find yourself going out for drinks or attending a beach party, there’s a good chance you’ll meet like-minded revelers from across the globe. You’ll hardly be the first twenty-something to think of Thailand to get your kicks. If less raucous pursuits are more your M.O., you’ll still love your time in Thailand. Glamming it up in Bangkok and Chiang Mai means shopping for luxury brands and cult fashion favorites in modern shopping malls and designer boutiques.

There’s a chilled out, meditative side to Thai culture too. Spas across the country rank among the most awarded in the world. The country is one of the leading destinations for wellness vacations. Creating a yoga, detox, or fitness oriented itinerary is a cinch in Chiang Mai and other areas of the country. For a totally serene getaway, how about a few nights stay at a Buddhist monastery?

Hottest Food Scene on the Planet!

Think you love Thai food based on ordering takeout from a Thai restaurant in your town? Wait till you get to Thailand and try the real deal! The food here is amazing. From street vendors to Michelin starred chefs, the quality is high and the flavors are complex and intriguing. Foodies and budding chefs will find Thailand to be a dream come true. What’s more, no matter your budget you’re apt to eat extremely well in Thailand without having to skimp.

There is a downside though. You’ll spoil your palate! People who’ve spent a good stretch of time in Thailand find everything they eat back home to be bland and boring.

Your best bet for a most delicious trip would be to make ample time to explore Bangkok’s vibrant dining scene. The neighborhood of Yaowarat (aka Chinatown) is a great starting point for street food forage in the nighttime. During the day, Silom Road in the central business district is a smart place to be for an affordable and scrumptious lunch. To be sure, this is an incomplete list with loads more yummy options for you to eat in Bangkok and across Thailand.

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Just Passing Through

Another fabulous reason for visiting Thailand when you’re in your 20’s (or at any age really) is that it’s nicely situated for hops all over Asia and the Pacific and for extended layovers on all sorts of long haul flights. Thailand borders Vietnam, Malaysia, Laos, and Myanmar and is near to Singapore, China, Indonesia and the Philippines. Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the biggest in Southeast Asia and one of the most serviced regional hubs. Cheap flights deals around the region are available throughout the year.

If you haven’t done Thailand, you’re missing out. It’s one of the world’s most captivating and welcoming countries – and one you may find yourself visiting again and again for the rest of your life.


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