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Traveling alone is a singular experience. Traveling with a companion (or group) can be tons of fun, but there’s something intense and wondrous about deciding to explore the great unknown all by yourself. And while plenty of people love to see the world, statistically women are bigger travelers than men. So it’s no surprise that more and more women are opting for solo exploration adventures. Whether you’re seeking out new experiences or are on a journey of self-discovery, traveling on your own can be incredible. Need some inspiration for your next trip? We’ve got the rundown on some of the most popular trends in female solo traveling.

Adventure Awaits

Woman Tourist Wearing Casual Clothing On Zip Line

Hitting the spa for a massage? That’s something you do with friends or a significant other. Most solo woman travelers prefer to spend their trips having incredible adventures instead of just chilling out. Instead of whiling away the time at a luxury resort, look into trips that include mountain climbing, hiking, or exploring. Maybe you can learn a new skill, like scuba diving or how to zip-line. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and see where the adventure leads!

The Great Outdoors

Feel like getting in touch with nature? You’re not alone. More and more women are looking into exploring the natural world, and picking up some great survival tricks along the way. As the number of women looking to learn camping and survival skills rises, so does the number of female guides. The growing presence of women only encourages more to seek out these experiences. Who wants to waste their time on a boring cruise when you could learn how to explore an actual rainforest? No wonder the number of women seeking these sorts of vacations is steadily on the rise.

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Men Need Not Apply

women having a good time at an female only excursion

If you’re looking for an immersive experience that will help you bond with other women and make some new lifelong friends, now is the time to schedule a trip. The availability of women-only excursions is at an all-time high. Want to bike through France, or hike along the Grand Canyon? There’s (probably) a tour for that. There are still plenty of groups and tours that include all genders but if you want some serious female empowerment from your vacation, these tours may be just what you’re looking for.

Constant Contact

While you may be traveling solo, you don’t have to feel isolated or alone during your travels. Women may be jetting off by themselves, but that doesn’t mean they’re throwing caution to the wind. Instead, they’re ensuring their safety with an assortment of apps. And thanks to the increasing availability of WiFi (or personal hotspots if the need arises), you never have to worry about heading off without a safety net. Make sure to have Facebook or WhatsApp on your phone so you can stay in touch with loved ones, whether you find yourself in a bind or just want to share the highlights from your latest adventure.

One of the Locals

Three young people with candied haw talk on the street

When women travel, they want a complete and immersive experience. And what better way to really experience a different place or culture than by learning the local language? More and more women are studying additional languages and learning about the culture they’ll be visiting. This is a great way to get in with the locals and experience things that most tourists never get to see. You don’t have to be perfectly fluent; just learning a few key words and phrases is often more than enough to boost your travel experience. You can take a class, grab a guidebook, or use an app like DuoLingo to learn the ins and outs of the language.

Age Is Just A Number

Traveling: it’s not just for millennials. While the younger generation may get a lot of attention, don’t count out the older crowd just yet. On average, those who travel alone tend to be over 55 years of age. Armed with more time, money, and resources, the older crowd is able to make the most out of every vacation. And don’t think that a few grey hairs means you can’t have a wild adventure; it’s this demographic that is most interested in exploring the world and heading to parts unknown. So pick the location of your dreams and get ready to travel solo, whether you’re 25 or 55. There’s no age limit when it comes to seeing the world!

Are you a solo woman traveler? Share what kind of adventures attract you in the comments.


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