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If you’re one of those people (like us) who came into 2018 already planning your next holiday, then you’ve clicked your way to the right post! A February getaway (especially with Presidents’ Day offering up a potential long weekend) is just around the corner, and we’re going to share 8 of the best destinations to travel to this February AND we’re going to make your life easier by telling you about the visa process to get you there. Fasten your seatbelts…here we go!

Manila, Philippines

Horse Drawn Carriage parking in front of Malate church , Manila Philippines

The bustling city of Manila is the perfect place to set up base on your adventure in the Philippines. With its lively nightlife, excellent bars and restaurants, Spanish colonial buildings and churches, colorful Jeepneys, and spicy street food, you’ll be guaranteed plenty of fun in the sun.

If you’re planning a trip to the balmy Philippines – then good news: US passport holders can travel without a visa and stay for 21 days. All you need to show on entry is a valid passport and a return air ticket to the US.

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

ho chi minh city, vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City’s rich French colonial architecture is best viewed at the very impressive Central Post Office (and you can send off a postcard to friends while you’re at it) and the Notre-Dame Cathedral. The city is full of great entertainment options as well, with bars and restaurants offering great value for money, and culinary favorites like the hearty bowl of pho always worth the trip.

If you’re planning to travel to Vietnam, US passport holders can apply for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival. Remember that your passport needs to be valid at least 6 months from your entry date and you need to have at least one blank visa page on your passport.

Mexico City, Mexico

mariachi music in mexico city

The frenetic buzz of Mexico City is like no other. The ancient Templo Mayor Aztec temple and the grandiose Palacio Nacional are just a couple of sights to see, while you can take in the sounds and smells of its eclectic markets and indulge in bars overflowing with laughter and tequila. Yes, a trip south of the border can be exactly what the doctor ordered to cure you of your tedious snow shoveling and winter sniffles!

You don’t need a visa to head down to Mexico if you’re a US passport holder. You’ll just need a valid US passport to fly into the country. If you’re not flying into the country, you may use any WHTI-compliant travel document. The maximum stay without a visa is 180 days.

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Delhi, India

trying out street food in delhi

Delhi, India’s busy capital territory, is a great mix of commerce and history. The exotic spices and food stalls of the massive Chandni Chowk bazaar live by the symbolic Red Fort and the massive Jama Masjid mosque. Plus, you can stuff your face full of delicious butter chicken, kebabs, and biryani, as well as a host of other street foods that Delhi is famous for.

You DO need a visa when traveling to India, BUT the helpful part is that, if you don’t intend to stay for over 60 days, US passport holders can apply online for electronic travel authorization at least four days prior to your arrival. Remember that your passport needs to be valid 6 months from your intended date of arrival and it needs at least two blank pages.

Bangkok, Thailand

street food in bangkok

Much has been said about the excitement that Bangkok has to offer, but it’s more than just partying the night away in Pat Pong — you can visit the magnificent Grand Palace and see the reclining Buddha at Wat Pho, then zip along in a tuk-tuk to grab bargains in mega malls like Siam Parragon and CentralWorld. Don’t forget to dig in to local street food faves, including pork leg stew, oyster omelets, and mango sticky rice.

As long as your US passport is valid for 6 months and you can present your return air ticket back to the US, you don’t need a visa to explore beautiful Thailand.

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Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

carnival costume in trinidad

Lovely Port of Spain is full of lively calypso and soca music and friendly people who know how to move to it. The city comes alive during its annual Carnival (on February 12 this year), which is full of wild costumes, merry-making, and lots and lots of non-stop dancing.

You can go ahead and pack your best carnival outfit and slather on the sunscreen: there’s no visa required to visit the twin-island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago! All you need is a valid US passport, and you’re good to go.

San José, Costa Rica

ziplining in costa rica

The nation’s capital city San José is full of great Spanish colonial architecture, especially the very impressive National Theatre of Costa Rica. You’ll also gain easy access to some of the country’s other main thrills — ziplining through the rainforest canopy and sipping on some its world-famous coffee.

Americans don’t need a visa to enter the enchanting island of Costa Rica. All you need is a current valid passport and a return ticket to exit Costa Rica to get a taste of the island’s pura vida (the pure life) philosophy.

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Lima, Peru

lima, peru

Lima is Peru’s coastal capital and there’s a lot to be learned from the outstanding Museo de la Nación, which exhibits the history of Peru’s ancient civilizations. You should also travel further inland to explore the beautiful mountainous city of Cusco as well as the ancient Inca citadel of Machu Picchu.

You only need a valid US passport and proof of a flight out of the country to enter the Land of the Incas.


You can still make that February getaway happen! Why not plan a last-minute trip?
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