Does the concept of traveling independently awaken your wanderlust? Are you eager to see the world on your own without the restrictions or desires of anyone else ruining your travel plans? For many of us, solo travel can be a chance to go on a real adventure. Of course, there are a few specific concerns solo travelers have before they depart. Whether you’re flying internationally or merely across the country, you’re probably making your own safety, your emotional well being, and your bank account a priority. To help you get there and back again with all three intact, we’ve put together some solo travel tips that will help you on your adventure.

How To… Stay Safe

  • Blend in: In general, avoid dressing like a tourist. Refrain from wearing flashy clothing, jewelry, or anything that screams, “I’m a stranger in these lands!” Walk with purpose and confidence, but don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.
  • Plan ahead: Look over the routes you’ll take well in advance. Don’t wait to look up directions or check out a map until you’re out on the street. Consult these guides while you’re enjoying the privacy of your hotel room or in your choice of transportation. Book a hotel or other accommodations that allow for 24-hour check-in or front desk assistance in case your flight is delayed.

Solo travel tips

How To… Reduce Stress

  • Go mobile: Traveling can be stressful, but technology has made it easier in many ways. Once you book your cheap flights, you’ll likely be able to download your carrier’s app to receive delay notifications. Your airport may even offer estimated line wait time information. You should also check in for your flight online (which you can easily do from your smartphone) and schedule a ride to the airport, if necessary, well in advance. These steps can all provide valuable peace of mind and will let you know what to expect before you arrive.
  • Pack smartly: If you’ve booked cheap international travel options or are boarding an especially affordable domestic flight, you might not have all the in-flight entertainment you’re accustomed to. Be sure to bring along a book, a magazine, your music player, your laptop, and other means to fight off boredom. You should also bring along some noise-canceling headphones, an eye mask, and a travel pillow to ensure your comfort and reduce anxiety on long (and potentially noisy) flights.

How To… Save Money


  • Book early: Regardless of whether you’re flying internationally or domestically, you’ll want to book your trip early to save the most money. By reserving your airline tickets and hotel accommodations well in advance, you’ll have more left over to spend on actual experiences. For the 69% of Millennials who are motivated to travel out of a desire to try local foods, that’ll definitely pay off.
  • Avoid single supplements: If you’re going on a cruise or are booking a hotel room, beware of the single supplement fee. You might be charged anywhere from 25% of your bill to double what your room or entire trip would normally cost for one person. While more travel companies are providing options geared towards singles, don’t simply assume that just because you’re one person, your trip will be cheaper.

While these tips are by no means the only ways to stay safe, reduce stress, and save money when flying internationally or traveling domestically, these are a great place to start. And speaking of getting started, we’re here to help you book the solo trip of your dreams. No matter what sights you want to see, foods you want to taste, or unforgettable experiences you want to have, we can help make them a reality.

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