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There’s something magical about a winter wedding. It evokes fantasies of snow-covered wonderlands and a fairytale-come-true. But where do you hold the picture-perfect winter wedding? With seemingly countless options, it can be an overwhelming decision. That’s when it’s time to do some research. We’ve rounded up the ideal locations to hold the winter wedding of your dreams.

Jukkasjärvi – Sweden

If you’re looking to celebrate your special day in an ice palace, Sweden is the place to be. Technically it’s an ice hotel, but you’ll feel like royalty in this structure made entirely out of ice. You and your guests can enjoy the luxurious treatment in a veritable winter wonderland. The hotel even has its own chapel and event hall, so you can hold the entire celebration in one of the most magical places on Earth. Afterward, you can warm up over a gourmet Swedish buffet, and snuggle up in a surprisingly cozy ice bed outfitted with reindeer skin blankets.

Venice – Italy

Gondolas on the canal in Venice and Santa Maria della Salute church in the background

There’s an elegance and serenity to Venice in winter that’s hard to match. Amp up the elegance for your special day by surrounding yourself with the culture and history of this breathtaking city. You can hold the ceremony against the backdrop of the canals. Friends and family will adore spending time exploring the museums and shops this historic city has to offer, and you can rest assured that the reception will have some of the best Italian food you’ve ever tasted!

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Lake Tahoe – California

Lake Tahoe in winter

Lake Tahoe is a popular spot year-round, but it’s absolutely ideal for a romantic winter wedding. You can tie the knot while overlooking the picturesque lake atop one of the stunning peaks. Hotels are quick to cater to the needs of you and your wedding party. For lovers of all winter sports, it’s a dream come true; you can fight off those pre-wedding jitters with skiing, snowboarding, or hiking in the nearby forests. Guests will be delighted by the opportunities to explore or enjoy chilling out in front of a roaring fire with a steaming cup of cocoa.

Chamonix – France

Wedding ceremony at alps mountains at winter

No one does romance quite like the French, so why not book some flights to France and plan the perfect wedding in Chamonix? This sleepy little spot lies at the bottom of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps. It’s also home to one of the oldest ski resorts in the world, so get ready for some fun winter activities before (and after) you say ‘I do.’ The small town has plenty of quaint shops and restaurants to explore for those who’d rather skip skiing. And when it comes to wedding venues, your choices are simply sensational; you can get married in a timeless old chapel or next to a magnificent glacier. How many other weddings can claim that?

Quebec – Canada

Chateau Frontenac at Night

For a taste of Europe that’s a bit closer to home, Quebec is the perfect choice for a winter wedding. Easily considered one of the most romantic cities in all of Canada, Quebec has gorgeous European architecture and tons of local charm. For a picture-perfect wedding experience, you can even get married in a castle that overlooks the whole city. Brides have arrived at their venues in classy horse-drawn carriages for added drama and a fairytale theme (although be sure to bundle up along the way). Guests will be bowled over by the Old World charm packed with modern day amenities.

Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Wedding preparations on the beach in Dominican Republic

A winter wedding doesn’t have to be covered in snow. If you want to get married in the winter months but still want to enjoy tropical weather, look no further than Punta Cana. This Caribbean paradise has flawless white sand beaches set against shockingly blue water. You can hold your whole ceremony right on the beach, with a backdrop that looks like it’s out of a movie. The newlyweds (and assorted friends and family) can then enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback rides on the beach, and plenty of other island activities. It’s a balmy, romantic setting that will set the stage for the wedding of your dreams.


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